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  Ethical Issues in Engineering Design 1.  Discuss some religions posteritys faced in engineering intention. Provide some examples from our passage tome and/or the Internet and bestow ideas to direct those posteritys. (transcribe at smallest 3 paragraphs) 2.  Research the plight studies of distance shuttle intelligibles of the Challenger” in 1986 and “Columbia” in 2003. Defense the forthcoming questions: (Use the template: Evaluation of Plight Study) ·  What are the factors that contributed to each intelligible? ·  What were the similarities between the two plights? Do they make-known any common religions posteritys? ·  Discuss the concept of blame responsibility and causation in agreement to these intelligibles.   Engineering and Ethics Evaluation of Plight Con-over (For Assignment submissions) Please flourish the steps when analyzing a plight con-over and defense the questions in the assignments. Step1: Describe the posteritys discussed in the plight con-over. (transcribe 1-2 paragraphs) ·  Read the plight con-over and comprehend what the posteritys are bestowed and transcribe it in your own words. Step 2: Bestow the concepts and principles that could be applied to discourse those posteritys. (transcribe 1-2 paragraphs) ·  After comprehending the posteritys in the plight con-over, try to resumption the concepts literary in the series and ponder which principles are pertinent and could be applied to this detail plight. Step 3: Excite the plight con-over using the principles. (transcribe 1-2 paragraphs) ·  Once you are believing of the principles to be used to discourse the posterity, then try to excite the gist using reasoning and multiple viewpoints. Step 4: Discuss your elucidation to direct the religions posterity. (transcribe 1-2 paragraphs) ·  After analyzing the gist, you would conclude up after a while a elucidation to direct the posterity in a way you ponder is best. Remember it’s your partition and there command be incongruous ways to direct the posterity. Step 5: Defense the questions asked in the assignment. ·  Don’t lose to defense the questions asked in the assignment as they convey points.