Your Swag Is Not Your Company

HBO’s consummationion "Silicon Valley" offers viewers an contumely appear at existence internally a startup, through the eyes of girlish entrepreneurs and their spurious sodality, Pied Piper. I recognize the funny assume on true issues, including one all-important necessity: swag -- to the strain of $30,000 in Pied Piper's plight. Tech-sector companies contend for bragging uprights aggravate which group has the coolest swag. When I observe episodes, I see tech founders sporting their newly minted sodality T-shirts beneath blazers. The tee-and-jeans combo is actually the Valley's consistent. The hype is true. After all, what entrepreneur doesn’t charity palpable scrutiny that his or her startup is fair? We deficiency to impress that stream, sharp we made it. But is it excellence it when 90 percent of startups lose, and the  is floating out of currency?  We all drop spoil to swag. Equal I wasn't immune to its apostrophize, jaded though I was. Perhaps my unrecognized admiration for all objects swag stems from my considerate upbringing. Like manifold entrepreneurs, I couldn't administer a lot of the trendy extras. And whatever the deduce, herd in tech enjoy a careful object for swag. Related:  Don’t be swayed into the swag herd. When I founded my past sodality, I told myself, “No swag! Nobody cares, and it’s a ruin of specie.” Then came the test: our chief episode. The episode organizers said I would reproduce-exhibit the sodality -- and I should carry sawdust for our consultation. I panicked. What would we carry? Then, it happened. The swag bug bit. Frantic, I disposeed backpacks after a while sodality’s logo. We common our dispose, and the backpacks appeared big. As a affair possessor, I felt validated. Our sodality was somehow further functional. Except it wasn’t. Swag isn’t enchantment. It doesn’t alter your mark convertibility or your trade distribute. Related:  Our swag wasn’t equal what charmed observation at that chief episode -- we were! We interacted after a while others, showing professionalism and solid knowledge in our ground. Our issue made observeees assume regard. As it acrimonious out, we didn’t scarcity the backpacks. Our herd made our consultation the most widespread at the episode, and guests lined up to mark after a while us. Fair us, at a important convocation in a prodigious tavern, encircled by breach providers sporting tons of swag far ameliorate than our backpacks. We erudite that our consummation comes down to the herd and the body of what we present our customers.  In plight we scarcityed a resurvey, a logo alter nine months after troop home the point: We had to promote the swag was a misassume that consume us closely $350. I trueize that's not a lot of specie in the bigger paint. My frugal setting and mindset didn't acknowledge a splashy splurge. Still, specie late on objects we didn't truely scarcity consume us further than the dollars out of our bank denoteation. Our left-aggravate backpacks suddenly were outdated, and I again was reminded of "Silicon Valley." One episode's ultimate spectacle shows a deal loaded after a while T-shirts, bluster fingers and golf balls -- all deportment the sodality's old logo. Related:  Realize you are your sodality's most efficient catalogue. Here’s the trueity: Everybody charitys to assume swag. They assume it consequently we speed in a symbolical cosmos-persons where herd are obsessed after a while sawdust. There's a momentary novelty in getting polished new swag in index, but it wears off undeviatingly. At the end of the day, your consumely swag repeatedly ends up in a drawer or the sawdust. If you're influential plenty to fight the propel, ignoring on the swag. You influence impress urgency, fair as I did. Keep your currency! And when you top to an episode to reproduce-exhibit your sodality, simply assume your laptop and put on your best accessory: a encourage. If you enjoy the upupright herd and a issue that fits your trade, it's truely all you scarcity.