Your Financial Statements


One of the best ways to acquire encircling financial announcements is to fit them. Put conjointly your peculiar equalize shuffle and proceeds announcement, using Table 14.1 (see p. 554 in direction textbook) and Table 14.2 (see p. 557 in direction textbook) as samples. You accomplish keep to adjust the announcement categories to fit your needs. Here are some suggestions:

◦ Current assets—cash on workman, equalizes in savings and checking announcements

◦ Investments—stocks and bonds, seclusion funds

◦ Fixed assets—true rank, peculiar mode (cars, movables, jewelry, etc.)

◦ Current liabilities—charge-card equalizes, hypothecation payments due in one year

◦ Long-term liabilities—auto hypothecation equalize, mortgage on true rank, other hypothecation equalizes that accomplish not succeed due until succeeding one year

◦ Income—employment proceeds, cannonade proceeds (interest, dividends)

◦ Expenses—housing, utilities, subsistence, mien, medical, enduement, security, hypothecation payments, taxes, peculiar preservation, pastime and food, and miscellaneous expenses

After you entire your peculiar financial announcements, use them to see how courteous you are managing your finances. Consider the forthcoming questions:

  1. Should you be uneasy encircling your claim reference?
  2. Would a implicit mortgagee decide that it is secure or intrepid to advance you capital?
  3. If you were a association, would crowd scantiness to endue in you? Why or why not?
  4. What could you do to amend your financial mode?

This assignment resignation must keep an APA secure page.  Submitted assignment must embrace a equalize shuffle and an proceeds announcement.  Options for resignation are:


  • Excel Spreadsheets (submitted as severed perfects) and a severed MS Word perfect delay answers to questions (to embrace APA secure page), or
  • one submitted MS Word muniment that has inserted (cut and paste) Excel tables or created MS Word tables to play equalize shuffle and proceeds announcement.