Your facility has the following payer mix:

Your adroitness has the subjoined payer mix:  40% marketable prophylactics   25% Medicare prophylactic   15% Medicaid prophylactic   15% jurisdiction prophylactic   5% all others including self-pay      Write a 3-4 page declaration that addresses the subjoined requirements:   Assume that for the spell in interrogation you feel 2000 instances in the proportions over. (What are the proportions of the sum instances for each payer?)      The middle Medicare objurgate for each instance is $6200- use this as the baseline. Marketable prophylactics middle 110% of Medicare, Medicaid middles 65% of Medicare, Jurisdiction insurers middle 200% of Medicare and the others middle 100% of Medicare objurgates. (What are the identical liquidation objurgates for all 5 payers?)  1.What are the expected objurgates of liquidation for this spell reach for each payer? What is your expected A/R?  2.What objurgate should you assault for these services (stately one assault objurgate for all payers)? (This gives you your sum A/R.) Compute the sum assaults for all instances established on this objurgate.  3.What is the variety between the two A/R objurgates over? Can you sum it from the unrepining? What happens to the variety?  4.Which of these requires are unroving? Which are wavering? Direct or alien? ◦materials/supplies (gowns, drapes, bedsheets)  ◦Wages (nurses, technicians)  ◦Utility, architecture, action exp (lights, intensity, technology)  ◦Medications  ◦Licensing of adroitness  ◦Per diem staff  ◦Insurances (malpractice, vocation etc.)   5.Calculate the gift loophole for one instance (in $) delay the subjoined requires for this bound, per instance: a. materials/supplies: $2270 b. Wages: $2000 c. Utility, architecture, action exp: $1125 d. Insurances (malpractice, vocation etc.): $175  6.Using the over advice, particularize which is unroving and which require is wavering. Then compute the breakeven dimensions of instances in units for this bound.