You will now pretend to be Michelangelo and compose a discussion board thread that mimics a first-person journal entry.  Your thread/journal entry will elaborate on your (Michelangelo’s) artistic process (carving) and your thoughts regarding the symbolism

You knowing about the sculptural system of subtractive plastic-work from stone.  We considered Michelangelo's Awakening Slave as an keen conformance of the material act of plastic-work.  We so little cranky upon how Awakening Slave perhaps represents the act of creation—maybe flush god-relish creation—in that Michelangelo was able to seemingly adapt stone into flesh.

You gain now profess to be Michelangelo and form a discourse consideration tenor that mimics a first-person life memorandum.  Your tenor/life memorandum gain concoct on your (Michelangelo’s) keen system (carving) and your thoughts touching the symbolism of “unfinished” sculptures relish Awakening Slave.

Your tenor/life memorandum must be 300-words desire.

*Please voice that divers of your weekly discourse consideration assignments gain demand you to post a tally to at lowest two of your classmates’ tenors.  Yet, this discourse consideration assignment does not demand such tallys.  Flush though tallys are not mandatory for this assignment, you are permitted to criticise on the thoughts and theories presented by your adherent classmates.