You own a small business selling computers. Each computer is sold for the same price: $425.00 each.. 1 answer below »

You own a inferior office selling computers. Each computer is sold for the corresponding price: $425.00 each. Your sales team is hired on hire after a while the virtual for deputation on each sale. Your best salesperson, Gary, is hired $550 per week plus a deputation of 6% on all sales. Last week, Gary sold 3 computers on Monday, 7 computers on Tuesday, 5 computers on Wednesday, 4 computers on Thursday, and 6 computers on Friday. Returns and allowances for the week were 3 computers. i. Find Gary's Gross Pay for the week. Show all calculations. ii. Calculate the employee's Medicare Tax (1.45%). Show calculations. iii. Assume the employee has not earned $130,000 this year. What is this week's FICA tax after a whileholding (6.2%)? Show calculations. Attachments: qstn.pdf