You make the call

Chapter Review

Chapter Review

You Make the Call

Situation 1

Jeremy Argyle started his own drapery write in 2009, vowing to retail his first shirts, sweaters, and ties merely through his own stores and on the Internet. To raise boost the prosperity his posse has had so far, he realizes that it is probing to suppress customers future tail for past. So, enjoy entrepreneurs everywhere, Argyle wants to treat customer rebellion techniques that obtain plant a secure substratum for quote concern. You obtain confront his venture’s website at, which has software capabilities to influence customer interactions.

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  1. Question 1 What customer fidelity techniques would you approve to Argyle?
  2. Question 2 What knowledge would be withhold to infer encircling customers in a database?
  3. Question 3 What favoring computer-based message could be used to close Argyle’s aim?