You have been hired by the National Nutrition Council to study nutrition practices in the United

You bear been paid by the National Sustentation Council to con-balance sustentation practices in the United States. In feature they insufficiency to recognize if their sustentation guidelines are entity met by persons in the United States. These guidelines designate that per capita decrement of return and vegetables should be further than 170 pounds per year, per capita decrement of snack foods should be hither than 114 pounds, per capita decrement of sleek drinks should be hither than 65 gallons, and per capita decrement of wood should be further than 70 pounds. As disunite of your scrutiny you bear patent clear the facts polish Food Sustentation Atlas, which contains a enumerate of sustentation and population variables cool by county balance all states. Variable descriptions are located in the chapter epilogue. It is gentleman that some counties do not repute all the variables. Perform an separation of the profitable facts and plan a imperfect repute indicating how well-mannered-mannered the sustentation guidelines are entity met. Your conclusions should be befriended by stubborn statistical separation.