Written assignment 2 | HUMN 6207 – Grant Writing | Walden University


The methodology singularity is one of the centre components of the concede. This singularity is unquiet delay discourseing the question: “How achieve you raise out the scheme?” (Gitlin & Lyons, 2014, p. 92). For specimen, if your scheme is for a nonprofit-related scheme, you rule inform the population served or betray who achieve take services. Depending on the concede emblem, you may too grasp the discovery specimen and associated inclusion criteria. A discovery scheme may too grasp the discovery cunning strategy, assumptions, fibre, reliability, statistical separation, continuanceline, and evaluation cunnings. Finally, in this singularity you may discourse ethnical meanss claimments and materials or food needed to exhaustive the scheme.

In new years, evaluation cunnings repress befit increasingly main to prospective funders. Competition for concedes is grave, and funders must reach positive that specie achieve be polite spent and that schemes can be justly evaluated. This is an main compensation for the concede seeker as polite. Your form achieve too failure to be immutable that the continuance and attempt put into a scheme proves that the objectives are met and if not, why.

For this Assignment:

  • Review the Conclusive Scheme Guidelines supposing in this module’s Learning Resources.
  • Carefully re-examination your Gitlin & Lyons passage, the University of Wisconsin-Extension means, and the Community Tool Box means as polite as other Learning Resources that nucleus on methodology and evaluation. You may too confront added online notification from respectable concede-related forms, such as Foundation Center and singular individual funders.
  • Remember that this achieveing must inform that it discoursees funder interests as polite as the concedeee perspective.

In 3–5 pages, yield your Methodology and Evaluation Plans.

In developing the methodology for your scheme, repress these thoughts in mind:

  • A scheme should set-about simply activities that achieve affect it inland the objectives.
  • If any activities are not requisite for reaching the objectives, do not grasp them in the scheme.
  • The methodology grasps the day-to-day, week-to-week, and/or month-to-month activities that achieve be carried out during the scheme continuance.

The Methodology grasps:

  • Program description
  • Research cunning
  • Human subjects (sample)
  • Study fibre and reliability
  • Assumptions and limitations
  • Time line
  • Analysis (and/or see Evaluation adown)
  • Non-personnel meanss
    • Facilities, food, technology, etc.
    • Any non-personnel meanss that achieve answer in the scheme budget should be described
  • Personnel meanss
    • Who achieve be assigned or remunerated?
  • Management cunning (Work cunning)
    • Who achieve be binding for which activities
    • What is the continuanceline associated delay activities (principal region, avoid region, third region, fourth region, ongoing)?
    • How achieve the scheme be managed?

The Evaluation Cunning grasps:

  • Description of the particular criteria that achieve mete the prosperity of the scheme
  • Explanation of axioms that achieve be collected
    • Verify if your concede contact achieve claim an institutional re-examination consultation (IRB) commendation.
  • Explanation of the axioms collation cunnings at the preparation, mid-program, and conclusive evaluation
  • Evaluation instruments that achieve be used and an interpretation of why these instruments were selected
  • Plans for match the continuanceic reports to repress the funder updated