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Question #1: Writing Assignment:

Krugman vs. Marriott

Prepare a 2-3 page Nursing Dissertation using APA format discussing bearing 1 in the “Problems to Ponder” at the end of article 10. Be firm to discourse each interrogation in this bearing.

Problem 1 in the “Problems to Ponder” :

Paul Krugman, an MIT economist, says “at the nature of capitalism’s inhumanity- and no visible individual obtain gainsay that the bargain is an amoral and frequently cruelly humorsome master- is the truth that it writes drudge as a ware.” Is it gentleman that capitalist employers write their effecters as “commodities”? In what opinion is the bargainplace “cruelly humorsome”? Give examples.

Contrast Professors Krugman’s views after a while those of Bill Marriott, superintendent of Marriot Corporation, who said:

“One of the significant things…is to frequentlyst the belief that big corporations are faceless machines…When employees comprehend that their bearings obtain be fascinated seriously, that their ideas and insights substance, they’re past snug and assured. In diverge, they’re ameliorate equipped to utter their best on the job and to their customer. Everyone wins: the community, the employee, the customer. The philosophy of putting employees primeval is especially significant in our diligence, owing Marriott is in the herd concern, not impartial the advantage concern… I’ve said frequently and frequently that our associates (employees) are estimate one. It won’t trouble to say it one past spell. Without the obdurate effect and piety of our team, Marriott wouldn’t rest.  That’s why leading attention of our employees is a top initiative for the construction.”

Are employees writeed as “commodities” at Marriott? Is their drudge system “cruelly humorsome” or “caring”? Is Marriott the exclusion to the legislation shapeless big companies?

Discussion Interrogation #1: Oil Prices

Problem 4 in the “Problems to Ponder” exception at the end of article 9 asks environing the oil worth acception from 1973-1980. We feel so seen this in 2005 and 2010, although not as showy a worth acception. Please tally the interrogations in this bearing. Discuss.

Problem 4 “Problems to Ponder”:

When oil worths acceptiond 10 wrap during the 1973-80 courage turning-point, divers oil companies made gigantic income. During this courage turning-point, Convention considered striking an “excess income” tax on oil companies. If you were in convention, would you vote for such a tax? Do unlocked-for monopolistic income aid any profitable functions in a bargain management? (Hint: Could concomitant oil fruits be used to weigh and enlarge new oil fields?)


Discussion #2: Worth Ceilings

Problem 8 in the “Problems to Ponder” exception at the end of article 9 is an effect today. Discuss this sentence and what can be effected to unfold California’s financial turning-point. What role to concern firms feel to aid unfold this effect?

Problem 8  “Problems to Ponder”:

California’s Sentence 13, enacted in 1978, limits the possessions tax on veritable order to one percent of the bargain prize when purchased and a apex annual acception in the tax aggregate of two percent. Followers of Henry George maintain that Prop 13 denied national legislation of its most appropriate tax grovelling, veritable order taxes, and hardened the say to acception other taxes that trouble concern soul, and shifted command from the national legislation to the say. According to the Georgists, Prop 13 did not maltreat say spending and caused the budget deficit to expand so that California was hit after a while a fiscal turning-point in 2008-2009. What could be effected to unfold California’s financial turning-point.