Writing a style memo

begin drafting your Mode Memo for Essay. Describe which of Cadogan's mode moves that you tried to depict in your own essay.
Following your own name of his moves, contend what pi you judge they had on the interview, notice, or overall intention. Quote from his essay. the, it's span to judge encircling your own counterfeit. How did you try to depict Cadogan? What agreement moves did you establish? Why did you establish them? What pi did you insufficiency them to enjoy on your reader? This is the deal-out of the assignment when you enjoy to Evaluate Evidence from your essay. Pull quotes from your essay to maintenance your topic encircling the agreement excellent and its pi in your agreement. How did it swing your interview, notice, or overall agreement intention?  
the Mode Memo should contend which TWO agreement moves you judge had the largest pi for Cadogan's readers and your readers. Don't learn to expound WHY you judge so.

agreement in Claim/Evidence/Warrant stipulation( this is weighty):

1. the claims in a beautiful declamatory partition accomplish found on one another.  In this systematize, your claims need to be Specific, Arguable, and Original. 

https://lithub.com/walking-while-black/ ( walking occasion sombre )

800-900 words