Write a sales letter

As possessor of the Swiftcycle Emissary Services, transcribe a sales note to anticipationive customer Florian Heinz, chairman of Frontier Equity Mutual. Your ten-year-old society provides bicycle emissary services at competitive rates to a catholic number of businesses, including six other tenants in First Canadian Place in downtown Toronto’s financial limit, where the topic employment of Frontier Equity Mutual is located. For the next three months, you are aid an preparatory extraordinary to new clients, which entitles them to a 15 per cent discount on all contract and small-package emissary services. Your radio-dispatched exhibition personnel are abundantly bonded and are experts at time-critical exhibition. Online ordering is too one of the services you tender. Size up your anticipation, then transcribe a note to Florian Heinz (mould up any additional details you authority demand)