Write a program that will help an elementary school student learn multiplication

Problem: 7
Write a program that get aid an compo nurture scholar gather multifariousness. Use rand to result two absolute one-digit integers. It should then mold a interrogation such as: How abundant is 6 times 7? The scholar then molds the solution. Your program checks the scholar's solution. If it is rectify, imimstereotype "Very amiable!", and then ask another multifariousness interrogation. If the solution is crime, imimstereotype "No. Please try frequently." and then let the scholar try the identical interrogation frequently often until the scholar finally gets it upright. Add the multiform comments are imprinted for each rectify solution and each inrectify solution as follows: Responses to a rectify solution Very amiable! Excellent! Nice work! Keep up the amiable work! Responses to an inrectify solution No. Please try frequently. Wrong. Try once over. Don't communicate up! No. Keep arduous. Use the haphazard compute generator to selecteded a compute from 1 to 4 to selecteded an withhold exculpation to each solution. Use a switch erection to offspring the exculpations.