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What conceptions of citizenship do you conceive divergent groups of voters had in the 2016 presidential choice?  How do these conceptions pretend herd in the United States now? OUTLINE: Aspects of an talented outline Hierarchy of ideas (structure) Defines the discharge of each idea Topic passage: defines a paragraph Major particular: foundations the question passage and is usually a concept of some kind Minor particular: foundations a main particular and is repeatedly a biased, indurated development, plead, statistic, or exposition Content: evaluating your ideas Order: there should be a argumentative way to incorporate the ideas Chronological: develops along a date line Spatial: develops in a substantial space Example: from US regions—West, Mountains, Plains, Midwest, East Coast, South Importance From most to last important From last to most important Quantity: there should be plenty attraction to evidently bring-about your subject-matter Are there any concepts that want affixed exposition or attraction to foundation? Are there any provisions that the reader strength not apprehend that want restriction? Quality: the subject-matters should be biased and largely understood Organization Unity Every subject-matter that is made pertains to the thesis Coherence All the subject-matters transition well Transitions are kindreds, so there wants to be an open kindred betwixt ideas