Write a memo on the following details — at will state, wrongful


Analyze the BT Green instance that is individually posted . Write a memo to the CEO, interpreting:

1)  what lawful occasion the corporation has concerning Mr. Banks’ repining. In doing this, 

a. Identify the biased laws that may pertain to this residence.

b. State the key lawful criteria for each law.

c. Analyze whether the details of the instance coalesce the lawful criteria, then interpret how they do or do not fit. 

d. State your blank environing the lawful occasion.

2)  what your admonition is for handling the instance. In doing this,

a. State your admonition. 

b. Interpret your rationale for the admonition. 

c. Identify the advantages for doing it.

d. Identify the disadvantages or occasions for doing it. 

Presentation criteria

The CEO values your impression but to-boot likes to understand that it is well-grounded; so, use APA to quote embezzle sources for ideas you attribute, for help you use, and for key stipulations in your separation.  He to-boot expects distinguished match from his staff. This media it should be palpably certain, raise the embezzle pitch, be grammatically emend, and be impressible to his span constraints. Write concisely, limiting your confutation to a acme of 2 double-spaced pages of text