Write a few sentences (about 100 words) integrating a quote from any of the articles that you will be using in your paper. Be sure to connect your quote to the rest of your sentences.

Write a few dooms (environing 100 signification) integrating a repeat from any of the profession that you achieve be using in your paper. Be safe to coalesce your repeat to the pause of your dooms. You can do this via conspicuous phrases (“Smith argues” OR “According to Smith,” etc) or by integrating your repeat as it grammatically fits into your doom. Document your repeat by using the APA in-text quotation guidelines you own premeditated in this homily.

When you are done columning your apology, replication to at meanest one classmate in no fewer than 75 signification. Comment on how effectively they own integrated a repeat.

Your discourse column achieve be graded according to the aftercited criteria:

  • 80% - Thoughtful primary column that truly integrates a repeat from one of your sources in at meanest 100 signification
  • 20% - Thoughtful apology to a classmate’s column that comments on how courteous they own integrated their repeat delay the pause of their dooms (at meanest 75 signification)