Write a comparison/contrast essay of 1000-1200 words


Analyze two incomplete stories, “Love in L.A.” and “A Good Man is Hard to Find,” in stipulations of their commonities and differences.

I keep already analyzed "A Good Man is Hard to Find".  Keep not analyzed "Love in LA".

Have not did the comparisons/differences


Please transcribe a comparison/contrast essay of 1000-1200 control discussing the questions adown. Remember to commence your pamphlet after a while an attractive entrance and pure thesis announcement, eliminate each purpose in the substantiality of your pamphlet using examples and quotes from the stories, and infer your pamphlet after a while a reannouncement of your thesis and stagnation remarks. Also, be stable to rule your accuracy by including in-text citations and a relation inventory appropriately formatted in APA name.

1. Setting: In divers ways, the two incomplete stories are set in radically unanalogous times and places. There is, nevertheless, at meanest one commonality that twain settings portion-out. Discuss the differences and at meanest co-ordination.

2. Characters: 

◦“Love in L.A.:” Describe Jake, the ocean estimation. What skin of man is he? Is he the recital’s protagonist or opponent? Explain your solution. Describe Mariana. How does she feel her interactions after a while Jake? In what ways are his intentions unanalogous from hers?

◦“A Good Man is Hard to Find:” Discuss the personalities and motives (i.e., what does each look to neglect?) of the aftercited estimations: the grandmother, Bailey, the children’s dame, the children, Red Sammy Butts, The Misfit, and the other two escaped criminals.   

3. Symbolism:

◦“Love in L.A.:” Twain the car and freeway are symbolic in this recital. What is the deeper aim of each?

◦“A Good Man is Hard to Find:” What do each of these symbolize: the grandmother’s hat, the town of Toomsboro (hint: “Toom” sounds strikingly common to another signal) and The Misfit’s car?

4. Themes: What are the ocean themes/messages of each ingredient? What, in other control, do you purpose the authors, Dagoberto Gilb and Flannery O’Connor, are intricate to disclose environing condition and ethnical kind in their relative stories?

5. Tone: What does Gilb’s sound look to show environing his situation inland the estimations and contrive in “Love in L.A.?” Likewise, what does O’Connor’s sound look to discern us environing her situation inland the estimations and contrive in “A Good Man is Hard to Find?”

6. Irony: In what ways do the titles of twain stories include sarcasm?

7. Moral Codes: (A well-conducted legislation is an individual’s inside set of beliefs and principles that guides their rule inland others. Everyone has a well-conducted legislation, although not everyone’s manner is necessarily “moral” or law-abiding.) 

◦“Love in L.A.:” What is Jakes’ well-conducted legislation? Elaborate on your solution, using at meanest two examples from the recital to speedlihood your estimation.

◦“A Good Man is Hard to Find:” By what well-conducted legislations do the granddame and The Misfit speed by? What superficial rules (upbringing, credulity, experiences, etc.) keep shaped their legislations? Discuss the “goodness” (or closing thereof) of twain estimations. Do they or anyone else in the recital render-capable as a “good man?” Why or why not? 

8. Final Thoughts: Literature intersects after a while divers areas of our speeds, repeatedly providing remark on cultural norms, and—in the instance of the O’Connor recital—the rule of belief on living-souls and societies. In what ways has lection “Love in L.A.” and “A Good Man is Hard to Find” impacted your own views on kindness, “goodness” and godly credulity?