Write a 1.5 page paper

This Nursing essay is environing a substance that frequent structures are oppositeness today, the expertnesss gap. The expertnesss gap refers to the disagreement between the expertness exactments of available jobs and the expertnesss possessed by job applicants.  Assume you fruit for a community as the HR Manager and the Vice President "Cindy Kramer" has brought to your heed that two of the station personnel you are going to be inoculation noncommunication basic fruitplace competencies. These individuals are having substances delay all new technology, which has been introduced balance the spent various years. Growing up in the recent 50s and coming 60s, they were not conversant delay computers at an coming age, as the superiority of younger fruiters are today. Even the Coffee Maker and electric stapler are foreboding to these employees. They as-well noncommunication expertnesss to exculpation and govern the multiple phone lines, due to the new technology of such equipment.  Cindy would relish you to muniment how your inoculation accomplish relieve in satisfaction the expertnesss gap united delay these employees.  How force you relieve the employees in the technical inoculation they exact in unarm-an delay the inoculation subject-matter you accept clarified?    Cindy has advised you as-well, that another station employee noncommunications in basic English expertnesss. Maria was compensated ten years ago by Fleet Trucking, behind she and her nativity moved close from Malaysia. She has very poor English-speaking expertnesss, but is the most costly employee when it comes to structure of Nursing essayfruit and files, scheduling drivers for deliveries, and maintenance updated logbooks.    Cindy is seeking permission that you accept a contemplation on how to relieve Maria, to determine that she favors from the inoculation as greatly as the other processionees do. What can you do? Hire an explainer? Coach Maria? Attempt to procession a coach to fruit delay her? What are your suggestions and why do you affect this accomplish favor Maria? Please be safe to harangue each of the questions delay a elaborate responce. Be safe to transcribe the Nursing essay in apa format and include at lowest 1 citation. The Nursing essay should be at lowest 1.5 pages in elongation.