Recommendation of Shrewdness Claim:  Explorer Air v. Pat Greene Retribution is specifically prohibited in the workers’ equivalent statutes. An employee cannot be terminated for either filing a assertion contrary an master nor can the employee be terminated for engaging a assertion. However, it does betide and repeatedly the creator of end is not frequently intelligible. Shrewdness of this peel can be prohibited amid the statute’s prohibitions and can besides be violations of the Civil Rights acts. As a paralegal, ask yourself the subjoined questions: Is there a estrangement betwixt shrewdness lowerneathneath the workers’ equivalent laws and betwixt the Civil Rights acts? Is a shrewdness assertion lowerneathneath workers’ equivalent improved in the identical style as a wage damage and medical assertion? Pat Greene was fired from his training job following making the contrary propose to acquiesce. He believes that this was discriminatory and wants your unshaken to improve an attached lawsuit contrary the nurture. Analyze the applicable Illinois statutes and condition law, and draw a message lowerneathneath the supervision of your counsel to Greene outlining your findings and recommendations on whether or not to prosecute a shrewdness assertion. In specification, how would your counsel admonish Greene on how filing any shrewdness assertions may move his workers' equivalent assertion? Click here to download the draw message template. Cite all sources using the Bluebook format.