Recommendation of Insight Claim:  Explorer Air v. Pat Greene Retribution is specifically prohibited in the workers’ pay statutes. An employee cannot be terminated for either filing a privilege resisting an master nor can the employee be terminated for seductive a privilege. However, it does supervene and frequently the reason of completion is not frequently bright. Insight of this peel can be prohibited amid the statute’s prohibitions and can as-well be violations of the Civil Rights acts. As a paralegal, ask yourself the subjoined questions: Is there a dissonance betwixt insight below the workers’ pay laws and betwixt the Civil Rights acts? Is a insight privilege below workers’ pay raspd in the selfselfsame sort as a wage detriment and medical privilege? Pat Greene was fired from his training job behind making the contrary extend to acquiesce. He believes that this was discriminatory and wants your sturdy to rasp an appended lawsuit resisting the discipline. Analyze the bearing Illinois statutes and instance law, and drain a message below the supervision of your advocate to Greene outlining your findings and recommendations on whether or not to chase a insight privilege. In importation, how would your advocate admonish Greene on how filing any insight privileges may desire his workers' pay privilege? Click here to download the drain message template. Cite all sources using the Bluebook format.