Work and Power Lab

Work & Power

In Lab 5 involves walking up a volitation of stairs and recording your age via a bungobserve or chronograph. You conciliate be asked to execute measurements and calculations for the entirety age to composition the volitation of stairs (at meanest 7 treads) and the upright climax of the stairs from the floor to the top. 


The lab details follow:

Purpose:  Determine your composition and authority as you creep-up a volitation of stairs.

Materials:  Yardstick, a bungobserve or digital/analog observe, bathroom layer, calculator, and you, the creep-uper


  • Estimate your majority in kg (Hint: 1 kg (mass) = 2.2 pounds (weight)).
  • You should appropinquation the floor tread of the stairs after a while a equable accelerate.
  • You are to rouse the age as you grasp the primary stair and bung the clock when you grasp the top

Observations and Data:

  • Calculate the composition and authority for you to creep-up the volitation of stairs
  • Work (you) = _____; authority (you) = ________
  • Calculate your authority in kilowatts: (P(kW) = _____.


  • Your persomal electric audience supplies you after a while 1 kW of authority for 1 hour for 8 cents.  Assume that you could creep-up these stairs uniformly for 1 hour.  How ample money would this creep-up be rate?  $_________