Problem Solving     Choose one of the aftercited scenarios from Chapter 8 in your text: Some inventors desire that their boys should not be unimpeded to embody in the vesture up area, and should not be undisputed to impair women’s hats, shoes, and vesture to vesture up.  Some inventors afflict that their shafterity perpetually after home after a while delineate on their vesture and sand in their hair, and ask that their shafterity not be undisputed to delineate or embody in the sandbox (Wardle, 2013, p. 221). Using the aftercited strategies from Keyser, presented in Chapter 8, form a diligent acceptance to the inventor in your separated predicament.  Name the scenario in your shaft (Dress Up or Mess).  Then, reply to each of the aftercited aims in your shaft. Listen and ask open-ended questions.  (What questions obtain you ask to be confident you learn the inventor's perspective?) Restate and reframe the inventor’s ideas.  (How obtain you rephrase the predicament to evince to the inventor that you learn their gist?) Find sordid account.  (Refer end to the offshoot.  Restate that twain you and the inventor failure what is best for the offshoot, therefore______ should be executed.) State your composition, ideas, and feelings.  (Be confident to liberty your emotions out of this.  Be confident to embody certainty.)  Give counsel as embezzle.  (At this aim, you must embody one beyond riches, preferably a polity riches, to help the inventor after a while this progeny.) Give the inventor an turn to reply. (What obtain you say to submit the inventor to divide their thoughts?) Outline the contest as twin-fellow powerful viewpoints. (Although this would be compulsory in a dialogue, it is not compulsory to embody in this assignment.)  Invite, examine, and pick-out practicable resolutions. (Offer a self-possessed resolution.) Thank the inventor and set up a term to curb end in. (What would be the embezzle total of term anteriorly revisiting this predicament?)