Wk 6: International Plastics, Inc., Security Plan and RFP Presentation


Assignment Content

  1. The magistrate team is pleased after a while all the technology recommendations they keep ordinary. They recently developed regret after a while the carelessness of their schemes and basis. They believe that adding these new technologies procure originate exalt issues after a while carelessness. The design begin era is approaching, so they would enjoy to see your scheme carelessness contemplation after a while your last Request for Design (RFP) bestowal to the magistrate team. This design bestowal procure be where the magistrate team decides on their next plod after a while this design.

    Write a 2- to 3-page scheme carelessness contemplation that includes charts or explanations of the aftercited:
    • Hardware that can be implemented in the IT infrastructure to aid after a while carelessness
    • Software that can be implemented in the IT infrastructure to aid after a while carelessness
    • Technology that can be used to save the company’s basis
    • Technology that can be used to mentor the IT operations
    • Final recommendations
    • Create a 10- to 12-slide media-rich Microsoft® PowerPoint® bestowal after a while inferential orator notes to introduce at the RFP discourse after a while the CEO and his magistrate team. Include the aftercited in your bestowal:
    • Summary of the prevalent infrastructure
    • Recommendations for improvement
    • Updated scheme drawings
    • Relevant graphics, images, videos, audio, etc. Note: Refer to the recommended Lynda.com® video for exalt aid creating a media-rich bestowal.
    • Summary of the ERP scheme skillful-treatment contemplation
    • Summary of e-commerce recommendation
    • Summary of carelessness recommendations
    • References cited in APA format