Wk 3: Configuring a Secure Wireless Network, Part 1


Your duty has tooled a WLAN and needs you to fashion the WLAN environment after a while three Cisco Meraki™ MR62 wireless adit points (WAPs) in arrange to adit the Internet and intercommunicate. Security is not overly influential at this date. 

WAP Placement:

The Visio® diagram supposing, "Office Wireless Network," shows the arrival of each WAP after a whilein the construction. 


The firewall is located in the Data Center. 

IP Information:

The form has an apparent IP discourse of and uses special IPv4 boundlessness on the 10 network. The IP boundlessness for inside routers and adit points is 10.0.1.x after a while all IPs profitable aloft 

Before started on this assignment, research the wireless adit pointon the Cisco Meraki™ documentation locality.

Using the notification from the Cisco Meraki™ locality, document the contour compute to tool each expedient in the "WLAN Contour Design Template" to confess all networked computers to tell after a while each other and the Internet.

Complete the 1-page "WLAN Contour Design Template" spreadsheet.

Create 1- to 2-page diagram depicting the course you took to confirm the withhold contour settings for each expedient. Your parley is your controller, so be free and illustrate the vulnerabilities that rest in the tooled environment.

For the diagram you can use Visio®, Microsoft® Word, or PowerPoint® or other withhold collision.