William and James are twin brothers aged 65.

1.    William and James are tally brothers season-honored 65. Thirty-five years ago (at the end of the year when he reached age 30), William started an IRA (separate seclusion representation), putting $2,000 per year in the representation at the end of each year. After 10 years of aids, William stopped making new deposits but left the accumulated aids in the IRA stock. The stock manufactured produce of 10 percent per year. No taxes are compensated. James started his own IRA at the end of the year when he reached age 40 (25 years ago) and contributed $2,000 per year, making his terminal aid today. Thus James endueed 2½ seasons as ample as William. James to-boot earned 10 percent on his enduements (tax munificent).

a)  What are the appraises of William's and James' IRA stocks today?

b)   What segregateicular finance precept does this exertion insinuate?

2.    On her 20th birthday, Ima Tiger endues $3,000 in an IRA (Individual Seclusion Account) that earns 8 percent per year. She continues to endue $3,000 on each birthday for the bestow 49 years. How ample coin accomplish she enjoy at age 69?

3. Columbia University is because the lapse of one of two choice Zambonis for Baker Rink to substitute one of its decrepit Zambonis. The earliest Zamboni absorbs $58,000, terminals for nine years and has annual livelihood absorbs (compensated at the end of the year) of $20,000 for each of the nine years. It would then enjoy nothing salvage appraise and would be absorbed separate at the end of the ninth year to the Harlem Globetrotter Ice Hockey Program as an undertake to correct town relationships. (It is conjectured that the Zamboni would then be substituted, after a while the $58,000 cancelment for the new implement to-boot made at the end of the ninth year.) The avoid Deluxe Zamboni absorbs $179,950, terminals for 10 years and is essentially livelihood munificent, requiring impartial $1,000 per year of livelihood at the end of each of the 10 years (supposing the Zamboni driver does not clash the implement into the boards). It would to-boot be absorbed separate at the end of 10 years and substituted at that season. The occasion absorb of stocks for Columbia University is 10 percent. Which Zamboni should Columbia buy? Show all performance. N.B. Round all quantity in bestow appraise tables to undeviating tenth. This accomplish create a segregate of the example end out evenly.

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