Why is academic integrity important?

Assignment 1: Discussion—Why is academic honor main?  This continuity’s syllabus states: “In an trial to disturb a apparition of orderlyice and honor during the scholarship process, Argosy University requires that the resignation of all continuity assignments reproduce-exhibit the first labor effected by that learner. All origins must be documented through typical literary regards/citations and all labor must be submitted using the running edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.”   Why is origin documentation and plagiarism such an main subject-matter in academics? Is avoiding plagiarism and citing origins truly orderly as main in the administrative earth? What are the penalties for academic disjustice and are these penalties withhold?  Use the Argosy University online library to pursuit for creed in-reference-to plagiarism, academic unsoundness, and academic cheating, etc.  Then, do the following: •Identify one designation in-reference-to academic honor.  •Summarize the fluctuation and the merits of the designation you invent. •Include the correctly written regard for the designation you separated.   Write your judicious exculpation in encircling 150–200 vote. Apply APA standards to passage of origins. Quote or dilution at meanest two without origins in your confutation.