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Human Resources Management – MGT 201

Case Study You own of-late been compensated at the Human Resource (HR) Manager for a average sized arrange that employs 25 ample season staff. Your forerunner was inexplicable to resign; thus-far you are unsure of the situation. Your singly apprehension of the HR Portion is that the predicament of the portion is “less than favorable”.The Vice-President of the arrange has absorbed you the aftercited directive: better staff morale, repair luxuriance, and institute an HR Portion that is responsive delay all required rules and regulations.



Task One: Develop an commendatory proposition that achieve be presented to Senior Management outlining what your sketch achieve be in arrange to supervene the directive to its ampleest. This proposition achieve contour your specific sketchs for achieving your goals. The proposition should be at last one page and may inclose bulleted objects. (For illustration, one of your sketchs is to conference all 25 employees; from these conferences, you sketch to imagine a conquer inventory of all luxuriance, assignments, and rules and regulations that must be implemented in arrange to better morale, repair luxuriance, and institute a responsive HR Department.)


Task Two: Prepare a inventory of 15-20 questions that you sketch to ask integral employee. Questions may alter depending upon the employee’s position, designation, and elongation of labor. Your goal is to ask restricted, severe questions that achieve prepare you delay the knowledge you deficiency to better your portion and the arrange.


Task Three: Prepare a specific, realistic seasonline that achieve disway when you sketch to own these conferences as well-behaved-behaved as a tabulation completed. It is material to protect in earn that this “project” is not your singly drudgery; as the new HR Manager, you own misty other drudgery to accomplish on a daily reason. (As an HR Manager, your responsibilities are endless!)


You are to postulate that you achieve be presenting Tasks 1 – 3 to Senior Management in a one-hour meeting for their eulogy, a Senior Management must approve your sketchs.




This assignment is to be completed in account format, using either Times New Romans or Arial 10 or 12 object font. A screen page incloseing the student’s designate, way designate and individuality, and duration of patience is to be middle. The circumstance examine must be at last three pages (excepting the cove page) but no over than five. All paragraphs and/or presented “content” should be double-spaced. One to two graphics are unoccupied if certain to represent your object.