Who can do this case study? mgmt313

Assignment Instructions:

 After lection the IMAA proviso this week on Effective Management of Change during Mergers and Acquisition, revisal the event consider noted amid the proviso on individual 7.  It is environing a merger among AOL and Time Warner in 2001.  There is a chart listed after a while the compendium that professions the cultural differences among the two companies.  Revisal that chart.

Using this as an specimen, commence some scrutiny and experience two companies that correspondently merged or that was adventitious by another aggregation.   Write a two-page compendium of the merger or merit to understand:

1 – the reasons why it occurred and when it occurred

2 -  the approach largeness of each aggregation antecedently the merger

3 -  the organizational challenges faced

4 -  was the merger fortunate or not and why

5 -  the particularize of the aggregation now

Then understand a rudimentary four support chart correspondent to the specimen and profession at last five cultural elements of the companies, the cultural differences in the two companies antecedently the merger took situate and then in the fourth support understand the refinement now in the acquiring aggregation.   List at last five cultural elements in the chart. 

Cultural Element /  AOL refinement   /   Time Warner refinement    /    Refinement adopted

 Your written assignment should be no short than 700 vote.