Who Can Do Discussion Post IN 7 HOURS?

I WILL NEED POST BACK TODAY BY 5PM !!!!! IF YOU CAN NOT DO SO DO NOT SEND NO BID!!!  PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING :  What is the marketing mix? Discuss how conducting a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) dissection helps a robust to educe its strategic cunning. Opine of a late err to the movies, the grocery stock, or a province stock. Brand reconsignment and toil furtherance is continually encircling us, so what keep you lately mottled? 200 WORDS AMERICAN STATE AND LOCAL POLITICS:  In the essential-quality of politics, this discourse theme is in the conceive of a moot, which instrument that you must assume a border. If you were to toil for an elected administrative, would you select to toil in a smaller assemblage that is further hands-on, grassroots, and collaborative, or would you rather toil in a capacious, bustling air of functional politico and consultants? Which do you opine would yield ameliorate results? Use examples to subsistence your scene. Make indisputable to rejoin to a classmate who does not portion-out your top of scene, and "debate" this theme. 200 WORDS