Which of the following sentences best

1. Which of the subjoined sentences BEST describes how non-provision alternatives cope promptly subjoined a while dispose-ofers? (Points : 1)

a.       Non-provision businesses besides dispose-of frequented to consumers

b.      Wholesalers frame perpendicular chaffer systems.

c.       Specialty superstores eject encounter from muniment partners.

Middlemen curb whole and muster lots



2. The two deep goals of logistics are (Points : 1)

a.       To pick-out unordered a diplomacy that serves creators/distributers and one that serves consumers B. To adjust outbound corporeal dispensation and counterexhibition logistics.

b.      To maximize customer benefit while minimizing dispensation absorb.

c.       To get issues to their end aim subjoined a whileout curbing them, and in suited part.

3. What service does use of RFID tags push to the logistics capacity of companies that adopt this technology? (Points : 1)

a.       The technology accelerations perpendicular chaffer systems complete their instrument.

b.      The devices produce runs of counsel subjoined a whileout appertaining action archives.

c.       The technology enables businesses to outsource shipping, ecstasy, warehousing, and catalogue moderate.

d.      The devices convert or eject manual drudge in capturing basis allied to identical items.

4. A offal provision invests in an adequate method of nutritional supplements and displays them environing a staffed customer-benefit desk so that a skilled nutritionist can acceleration customers produce decisions. Which of the subjoined instrument of competitive differentiation does this in demonstrate? (Points : 1)

a.       Increasing use of technology to ameliorate communications.

b.      Emphasizing specialization and face-to-face actions.

c.       Providing amend maintenance subjoined the sale.

d.      Improving wares disposition to amend think chaffer demographics.

5. Which of the subjoined sentences BEST thinks the essential concept of “price”? (Points : 1)

a.       A determined worth that produces a improvement for the dispose-ofer must be beautiful to a buyer.

b.      Adjustments that elevate or inferior the worth to a buyer must be thinked in treasure to the dispose-ofer.

c.       Customer has to produce a appeasement in coin, season, and/or attempt to get what they shortness to buy

d.      The buying diversify can be treasured in fissure, worth, profit, fee, fares, or dues.

6. Which of the subjoined factors can a creator govern, in arrange to console dispose-of insist for their output? (Points : 1)

a.       The number of muniment partners compromised in the provide tie.

b.      The residuum of dispose-ofers in the chaffer for that output.

c.       The counterexhibition logistics required to optimize post-sale energy.

d.      The use of mass-chaffer advertising to excite their output.

7. Lewd factors govern strategic planning for pricing decisions. Which schedule contains all lewd factors discussed in stipulation 5? (Points : 1)

a.       Target chaffer, emulation, differentiation, and environment

b.      Environment, target chaffer, absorbs, and differentiation

c.       Environment, target chaffer, differentiation, and pricing diplomacy

d.      Costs, environment, target chaffer, and treasure proposition

8. Retailers determine what items to hoard and how ample of each issue to push. Which of the subjoined sentences explains the impression of a vast wares disposition, deeply hoarded? (Points : 1)

a.       It increases customer contentment, but decreases detached absorbs.

b.      It decreases detached absorbs, by increasing sales tome.

c.       It increases customer contentment, but elevates detached absorbs.

d.      It increases detached absorbs, but risks customer contentment.

9. Which of the subjoined BEST describes what corporeal dispensation muniment strategies (logistics) are careful subjoined a while? (Points : 1)

a.       Arranging for the run of issues from where they emanate to where they are consumed.

b.      Balancing getting goods to the correct settle subjoined a while fewest complaints and/or returns

c.       Distributing offerings in such a way that they fascinate the most customers to each muniment

d.      Keeping the nucleus on muniment partners at the last practicable absorb.

10. Which declaration BEST describes the role of idiosyncratic dispose-ofing in the age of collective instrument? (Points : 1

a.       Personal dispose-ofing is barely alienate for dispose-ofing to organizations that do not use collective instrument.

b.      Personal dispose-ofing was once an conducive instrument of reaching consumers, but now it is no longer applicable.

c.       Social instrument produces a muniment for interaction unordered salespeople and consumers of the offerings they dispose-of

d.      Social instrument facilitates relationships unordered customers and discourages relationships subjoined a while dispose-ofers.