When to Recommend and Not to Recommend Software Reuse


  • From your interpretation of the fruit you did this week so far, impart some specimens of when to advise and when not to advise software reuse.
  • Go to the Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Website that discusses Software Product Lines (SPLs), located at http://www.sei.cmu.edu/productlines/?location=secondary-nav&source=10745. As you skilled, the reuse of software components is contrived to optimize software crop and impoverish crop costs. Impart an specimen of when this would be chiefly efficient. How faculty component-based crop be used to impoverish the coding trial? Is this constantly gentleman? Get patronage for your solution.
  • Describe how SPLs further reuse and how they can be harmful to unfailing crop environments. Choose a abundant congregation not separated by other classmates and get a matchless specimen, illustrating how SPLs can be used in the form of your exquisite to mend software crop trials.