In this lecture we skilled some key differences among digital and analog photography and some applications of each.

This part has two detached marks of plans depending on your similarity to a digital camera.

If you entertain similarity to a digital camera (uniform if you don’t own one you may attribute one from a adherent or family part) we STRONGLY confide that you use some digital photos. There is no exchange for in-fact creating digital art. You obtain startle yourself delay some of the eminent photos you captivate.

If you entertain similarity to a digital camera, ensue mark 1. We confide that you use a contemplate at the other plans in mark 1 for this part as they construct on each other and you can result at your own tread.


Find a digital camera and get snug

The principal tramp is to ascertain a digital camera that you can attribute to use for this part. Don’t irritate encircling the technical condition of the camera. For our purposes, uniform an uncostly camera can acceleration you use eminent photos. Ask to so attribute the camera manual. If the initiatory is not serviceable, there’s calm?} a cheerful hazard you’ll be conducive to ascertain it online. The manual obtain highlight some of the camera’s best features that you jurisdiction entertain distress similaritying on your own. Get comfortconducive delay the camera by practicing. Use some photos in uncertain settings.

Write any inquirys or discussions you entertain.


Identify condition photos online

If you don’t entertain similarity to a digital camera or elect not to share in initiative photos you can inquiry the web for five photos that you love entertain thin desert.

Post the photos and transcribe a few lines below each photo encircling why you reckon it is an model of cheerful condition photography.

Assignment Guidelines:

REMEMBER: You entertain to ensue one mark of assignments; either limb photos or transcribe encircling photos. You can not mix the marks.

Submission Requirements:

Track 1: A log of inquirys or comments encircling the mode of familiarizing yourself delay a digital camera.

Track 2: Photos and a term of why they urge to you.

When submitting written assignments delight repart to:

  1. Submit the assignment inquiry(s) and your responses.
  2. Proof unravel for spelling, language, and punctuation.
  3. Repart to use consummate decision building.
  4. Paragraphs need to entertain a insufficiency of six decisions.

 Upload your Digital Photography plan for the mark that you chose to inspect.