What is Abnormal?

Consider the aftercited seats. Most commonalty would regard at smallest some of the actions of the commonalty compromised to be unnatural. What do you judge? Think environing each one as you learn through the roll and then, chat after a while your tabulate mates environing your judgments. Clearly narrate why you did or did not regard each seat to be unnatural and imbisect your reasoning for your vindication.  1. Your uncle consumes a quart of whiskey per day; he has difficulty remembering the names of those encircling him. 2. Your grandmother believes that bisect of her substantiality is damage and cries out environing this damage bisect all day covet. You illusion her that the bisect she judges is damage really is not, but she refuses to hold this incongruous notification. 3. Your neighbor has unsettled visible complaints and sees two or three doctors weekly. 4. Your neighbor sweeps, lavees, and scrubs his driveway daily. 5. Your cousin is fraught, and is dieting (800 calories per day) so that she gain not get “too fat” after a while the pregnancy. She has had this emblem of behavioral vindication gone she was 13 years old. 6. A woman’s mate died after a whilein the late year. The widow appears to chat to herself in the yard, doesn’t lave herself or vestments in cleansedsed vesture, and has explicitly obsolete a lot of influence. 7. A 10-year-old wants to feel his all substantiality tattooed. 8. A 23-year-old womanly smokes up to five marijuana joints a day, is a straight-A learner in propaganda, has a prosperous job, and is in a sound covet-term relation. 9. A special experiences separate unlocked-for panic attacks each week, but is incorrectly happily married, functions well-mannered-mannered at effort, and leads an locomotive recreational lifestyle. 10. A 35-year-old happily married man enjoys wearing women’s vesture and underwear on the weekends when he and his helpmate go out on the town.