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what are the advantages and disadvantages of having a clinical duty

Chapter 1

It’s absolute adamantine to become a nurse. You charge to afflicted altered kinds of obstacles. You charge to accomplishment belief adamantine accommodation apropos the accustomed action of the animal anatomy and the things that should be done back an about-face comes. It is adamantine but back you arise face to face with a applicant and you can see with both your eyes the things that you are studying, how the anatomy action and how to cure a ailing actuality you will be afflicted with joy and amazement.

But that will alone arise back you are apparent to a living, breath actuality in which you can handle him with your own calmly with the advice of your analytic instructor. You will be assigned with altered affiliations either clandestine or accessible hospital. But there are a lot of differences in the practices of clandestine and accessible hospitals and of advance there rules and regulations for a apprentice assistant to handle a accommodating additionally has a big difference.

These differences accept a big appulse on the acquirements of a apprentice nurse, not alone in their abilities but additionally in their affecting accommodation to handle their patients. This date of actuality a assistant is absolute acute because this is the time in which a apprentice assistant will apperceive whether he can handle the hardships of extenuative lives and the affecting hardships of seeing a accommodating die in your own arms. But this is additionally the time, in which a apprentice assistant gets aflame about their future, seeing a accommodating balance from blemish and accepting to feel their acknowledgment on your acceptable work.

All this acquirements and growing up depends on the analytic adviser and distinctively the hospital in which the apprentice assistant will acquaintance all the things that he needs for his future. How the hospitals acquiesce the apprentice nurses to handle their patients and how the hospitals handle the assorted cases of patients that can be advantageous for the nursing students’ experiences. These adventures such as advertisement the acceptance to new analytic procedures will accord in acceptable their accommodation of acquirements how to accomplish this action on applicant affliction and developing the nursing student’s accomplishment in regaining the bloom of the client. It is through analytic acquaintance that becomes the foundation of architecture the aplomb of a apprentice assistant who aspires to become a able assistant in the future. It depends on what affectionate of analytic bearings the acceptance are undergoing. Challenging tasks provides allowance for advance as the apprentice admitting the accent and adversity he is experiencing will be motivated to apprentice how to administer it, appropriately calm with the abutment from the analytic adviser the apprentice becomes competitive

Statement of the Problem:

1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of accepting a analytic appointment in Manila Axial University Filemond D. Tanchoco Medical Foundation?

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of accepting a analytic appointment in President Diosdado Macapagal Memorial Medical Center?

3. What are the distinctions in agreement of educational adventures acquired by the nursing acceptance at Manila Axial University Filemond D. Tanchoco Medical Foundation and President Diosdado Macapagal Memorial Medical Center in agreement of?

Teaching methodologies of Agents Nurses or analytic Instructor

Nursing Skills

Objectives of the Study

General Objectives:

This abstraction aims to enumerate the acumen of the called inferior nursing acceptance of Manila Axial University about the advantages and disadvantages of their analytic duties at Manila Axial University Filemon D. Tanchoco Medical Foundation and President Diosdado Macapagal Memorial Medical Center.

Specific Objectives:

This abstraction aims to accommodated the afterward objectives:

To analyze the advantages and disadvantages of accepting a analytic appointment in a clandestine hospital.

To analyze the advantages and disadvantages of accepting a analytic appointment in a accessible hospital.

To enumerate the aberration of accepting analytic duties in a clandestine and accessible hospital.


There is no cogent aberration about the acumen of called inferior nursing acceptance of Manila Axial University apropos the advantages and disadvantages of the analytic acquaintance in Manila Axial University hospital (MCU-FDTMF) and President Diosdado Macapagal Memorial Center (PDMMC).

Significance of the study:

Clinical adventures of a apprentice assistant are absolute important. It is breadth they accretion ability apropos the abilities that they charge back they become assistant themselves in which the hospital breadth they are affiliated is arena a absolute important role.

This abstraction will advice apprentice nurses accept the aberration of accepting their duties in clandestine and accessible hospitals. This abstraction will additionally advice the acceptance cope with the disadvantages of accepting their duties in either clandestine or accessible hospitals and best distinctively it will advice the acceptance use the advantages of accepting their analytic duties either in clandestine or accessible hospitals in their favor.

Scope of Limitation:

The abstraction is focused on belief the acumen of inferior nursing acceptance of Manila Axial University apropos the advantages and disadvantages of accepting their analytic acquaintance in clandestine and accessible hospital. It is bound to the inferior acceptance that accept their duties in both Manila Axial University Filemond D. Tanchoco Medical Foundation and President Diosdado Macapagal Memorial Medical Center.

The abstraction will use check amid seventy one inferior nursing acceptance of Manila Axial University with a allowance of absurdity of ten percent appliance the slovens formula.

Comparative Abstraction about the Acumen of the Called Inferior Nursing

Students of Manila Axial University Apropos the Advantages

And Disadvantages of Analytic Adventures in Manila Central

University Filemon D. Tanchoco Medical Foundation

And President Diosdado Macapagal

Memorial Medical Center

BSN Section 3-5

Group 20

Group leader: Reyes Marc Joseph

Members: Recente, Estherlyn

Reodica, Rani Marie Jane

Reyes, Shery Maine Anne

Ribunal, Ma. Katherine

Ridad, Kari Jane

Rivera, Ma. Severa

Roda, Tomiza Cathriz

Chapter II

Review Accompanying Literature

This affiliate presents the accompanying abstract and studies that guided the conduct of the research. It includes bounded abstract and studies, and adopted abstract and studies. It additionally includes the analysis assumptions, and analogue of terms.

Nursing is a practice-based profession. Therefore, analytic apprenticeship is an capital allotment of the undergraduate nursing curriculum. Analytic acquaintance in Clandestine and Accessible Hospitals is altered because the rules and regulations in every Hospital are not the same.

Local Literature

According to Robles and Dionisio (Authors of Philippine Nursing Law, Jurisprudence and Ethics 13th Edition) Analytic acquaintance requirements, every college, convention and academy of nursing should endeavor to accommodate an chip affairs of apprenticeship and acquaintance and breadth adapted courses are to be chip with alternative courses, the outline of the chip advance should appearance breadth possible, the hospital outpatient department, association agencies, and the ancestors should be acclimated to supplement and alike breadth acquaintance and classroom instruction.

Clinical acquaintance shall be acquired by the acceptance based on the requirements assigned beneath Aphorism 67 of the rules and regulations of the board.

Effective January, 1971, amalgamation are accustomed alone for adventures in the catching diseases nursing, orthopedic nursing, brainy bloom and psychiatric nursing, and accessible bloom nursing; all alternative adventures charge be provided in the abject hospital.

According to (Aquino & Dascil, 2003) in “Philippine Nursing Act of 2002: explained” the CHED Memorandum Acclimation no. 30, Article IV, Sec. 2, states that in acclimation to accomplish a competent and accomplished nursing apprentice in their RLE, there are factors that you charge consider:

1. The adviser charge apperceive the intelligence and accommodation of his learner.

2. The admeasurement and attributes of the acquirements assets both in the university or academy and the association or society.

3. An according cardinal and blazon of patient.

4. A cardinal of able nursing and alternative personnel.

5. A affidavit of affection nursing affliction services.

6. The acquiescence with the adapted adequation of fifty-one (51) hours to one (1) R.L.E.

7. The arrangement of acceptance to accommodating depends aloft the ambition and the accommodation of the student.

The arrangement of apprentice to audience is:

Level 1st Sem 2nd Sem

III 1:1 1:2

IV 1:2-3 1:3-5

8. A faculty-student arrangement of:

Level 1st Sem 2nd Sem

III 1:8-10 1:8-12

IV 1:12-15 1:12-15

f. The accomplishing of assorted teaching-learning methods/strategies adapted to the situation

g. Evaluation is an capital allotment of teaching-learning action and charge advance adapted acknowledgment mechanism

“Philippine Nursing Act of 2002 Republic Act 9173 Acclimation no. 30, Article IV, Sec. 2, was issued to accord accent on the analytic acknowledgment of the nursing apprentice during their Accompanying Acquirements Adventures (RLE). Apprentice nurses accomplish nursing functions beneath the absolute administration of the analytic instructor, who is able of accouterment connected acquirements in such activities breadth the acceptance engaged.

In the hospital ambience apprentice nurses cannot calmly admit and accomplish nursing account to alone or family, after the analytic adviser or the hospital does not acquiesce acceptance to do so. This interferes with the ambition of the apprentice assistant to the accommodating which is to allay their bloom while refurbishing their own skills.

Universities alms Bachelor of Science in nursing breadth adapted accepting advisory apparatus as a acknowledging apparatus of every nursing affliction they accommodate to their patients and to appraise the abilities they acquired in their hospital exposure. On the alternative hand, analytic advisers were additionally evaluated by the acceptance depending on the way they handled there acceptance and how does they admit ability during the hospital duty; about it will be done at the end of the additional semester.

Foreign Literature

According to Elliot (2002) and Napthine (1996), the affection of assistant apprenticeship depends abundantly on the affection of the analytic experience. Therefore, the acquirements depends on the hospitals and Professors. Then, how can acceptance acquaintance a acclimation of affliction if the hospitals and advisers don’t acquiesce the acceptance to do it. Strategies like auspicious acceptance to be complex in every aspect of their patients’ care. This agency adjusting their role as their ambit of convenance allows. For example, a apprentice may not be accustomed to accomplish the laying of a bark graft. However, they can be complex in ambience up the trolley and environment, accession and abating the patient, reviewing the acclimation and action or aperture antiseptic packets to abetment in the process. Added by Elliot, acceptance crave able analytic placements to acquiesce the appliance of approach to practice.

These adventures are axial to the student’s alertness for entering the workforce as a competent and absolute practitioner (Penman and White, 2005; Papp et al, 2003). Analytic acclimation provides the befalling for acceptance to beam role models, practice, advance their abilities and analytic abilities, and reflect on what they see, apprehend and do (Landers, 2000; Thorell-Ekstrand and Bjorvellm, 1995). As they convenance in the analytic environment, it is capital that the nursing apprentice integrates abstract agreeable provided by the educational institutions with the realities of nursing convenance (Cope et al, 2000; Dunn and Hansford, 1997).

There are a array of influences in the analytic acquirements ambiance that can decidedly absolute and arrest the development of the abecedarian (Clarke et al, 2003; Edmond, 2001; Pearcey and Elliot, 2004). Analytic apprenticeship occurs in an ambiance that can be unstructured, capricious and cutting (Papp et al, 2003). This has the abeyant to breeding animosity of vulnerability and all-overs in nursing acceptance (Elliot, 2002). There are abounding facets that accomplish up the analytic acquirements ambiance and it is the interactions of the nursing apprentice with and aural these elements that actuate both the acquaintance and the affection of their acquirements outcomes.

Cahill (1996) went as far as to advance that the accord amid the agents and the nursing acceptance is the distinct best acute agency in creating a absolute acquirements environment.

Students analyze that the abilities and attributes of assistant teachers, their attitude arise them (Dunn, 1997; Goopey et al, 2004; Jackson and Mannix, 2001) and admission to accordant acquirements opportunities, is ascendant in the accomplishment of absolute acquirements outcomes (Pearcey and Elliot, 2004; Lofmark and Wilblad, 2001).

Recurrent capacity in the abstract that accept been articular as acknowledging the acquirements of nursing acceptance are the acceptance by nursing agents of a able role archetypal and behavior that present a absolute attitude and appropriately access the appointment culture. The able acclimatization of nursing agents decidedly influences apprentice acquirements in the analytic environment. Poor analysis of nursing acceptance is not aberrant in the workplace.

This is generally the aftereffect of: Agents shortages; added workload; Lack of teaching skills; Agents activity threatened by nursing acceptance (Davey, 2003).

If acceptance do not feel accurate in their ambiance – for archetype if they are advised with abhorrence and boldness or alike abandoned absolutely (Davey, 2003) – they are clumsy to participate in the all-important advice to added their acquirements activities (Papp et al, 2003) and all-embracing acquirements goals (Marson, 1982).

The bulk of absorption the assistant shows in the acquirements needs of the apprentice and the key role she or he plays in their accomplishment are basal to the student’s development (Jackson and Mannix, 2001; Marson, 1982).

Chapman and Orb (2000) altercate the characteristics of ‘good’ analytic agents as articular in their abstraction The Nursing Acceptance Lived Acquaintance of Analytic Practice. They declared these characteristics as: Supportive; Encouraging; Resourceful; Confident; Approachable; Friendly; Available; Helpful; Understanding; Welcoming; Accepting the student’s interests at heart.

The adequacy of a approaching assistant is evaluated by evidence-based documents, instructors, advisers appointment and assay after-effects and is based on a continuum of approved assessments. The acquirements acquaintance of a apprentice assistant appreciably influences own convenance in analytic areas, as able-bodied as the achievement akin of the apprentice in bookish matters.

First timers in analytic circling appoint themselves in the antecedent date of familiarizing and accustoming one’s cocky to the convenance becomes crucial. This is the point back printed theories in books and duke outs are recalled and reshuffled in the apperception in acclimation to backpack out the best action ill-fitted for a accurate situation. It was never accessible for the a amateur apprentice assistant to be assigned in the OB breadth or in the emergency allowance after acceptable ability about postpartum affliction or acquaintance with the basal apparatus acclimated in accessory surgeries. Also, bare and abortive apprenticeship influences the address that one assets all-important attempt and abilities bare in absolute and assisted commitment cases. This has afflicted the arresting strategies of the trainees to altered problems arising in the analytic settings. In reality, some aloof performed as administration instead of administration absolute deliveries, this is additionally abased to the hospital protocols, and some were aloof accustomed chargeless cases.

Nursing is an art, an art of caring. Nurses are abundant complex in lots of bloom article and interventions; and are accepted to portray a array of roles. Be it as an educator, communicator, caregiver, counselor, apostle or as a leader, a assistant should acquire a well- authentic anatomy of ability and ability in the acreage abnormally on absolute scenarios (Kozier,2008). Apprentice nurses may be perceived as trainees, yet it is far afar from that thought. It is accumulation oneself to and all-embracing the vocation of allowance and accouterment affliction in acclimation forastery and adherence to be added likely.

Nursing acceptance at this point of time should be alert whether they accept delivered or could bear adapted care. They accept to be absolute acute because they accord with a lot of baneful things every distinct day (Tacdol, 2008). It is not anymore in a classroom setting, it is added of absolute activity situations. Back at the area, there is no allowance for mistakes. Then, abounding hospitals like clandestine hospitals don’t acquiesce acceptance to accomplish methods like giving medication. The advisers are additionally abashed of accident their registered assistant ID. In Manila Axial University, in our experience, nursing acceptance are not accustomed of giving medications.

The achievement of acceptance in the analytic breadth is abundantly afflicted by difficulties they appointment abnormally in their aboriginal analytic duty. Factors accommodate accord with analytic instructors, misunderstandings arising from accumulation works, hospital behavior and requirements, alterations in contingencies back administration patients and so on. As new associates of the healthcare team, acclimation to altered stressors seems to be crucial.

Many accept agreed that the apprentice nurses are absolute able in carrying their duties and responsibilities in the analytic areas, there should still be advance in the acquirements arrangement of the apprenticeship provider because there is no allowance for mistakes in the medical profession because it deals with a absolute brittle thing-life- and a distinct aberration may account an astronomic accident which is death. Acceptance charge be analysis afore activity in their duties so that it is absolutely abiding that methods are appropriately accustomed to the clients.

Hospital behavior and protocols may at times become annoying and confusing. Altered accouterment and area of analytic duties tend to be the additional in the list. Personal moods and anxieties affect activity of the accomplished personality which may aftereffect to bootless planning and abortive nursing interventions (Abaravar 2006). As nursing acceptance accessible their minds and eyes to these admirable chances, a acceptable acquaintance they had acquired back they were still aboriginal timers would be a pertinent apparatus and afflatus in attuning accessible difficulties and developing affection in the career. These would let them not to abandon from this apple of struggles.

Theoretical framework:

Good characteristics embodied by analytic teachers:











Productive and able analytic performance

Exposure to hospital cases

Student’s accomplishments knowledge

Good analytic experience

Figure 1: This shows the three factors that abundantly accord an able acquirements environment. Acceptable analytic agents such as those who are supportive, compassionate and attainable actuate the apprentice assistant to advance action in assuming analytic procedures. Hospital cases accommodate allowance for ability and acquirements abnormally cases that arise new to the apprentice nurse. The student’s accomplishments ability is the admiring foundation that increases his ability in compassionate how methods of affliction are performed. With these three factors the apprentice assistant assets advantageous and able analytic achievement which after-effects to acceptable analytic experience.

Conceptual Framework

The claiming in administering this abstraction is to accept the aspects and factors that accord to the acumen of nursing acceptance apropos analytic acquaintance in both clandestine and accessible hospitals.

Strict ascertainment of clandestine hospital protocols apropos in administration patients’ cases

Restriction on assuming assertive methods of care

Failure for the apprentice assistant to accretion abundant analytic experience

Nursing apprentice perceives analytic acquaintance in clandestine hospitals a albatross to acquirements and accepting skills

Figure 2: This amount is based on the acquaintance of some apprentice nurses in assuming in clandestine hospitals. In clandestine hospitals, hospital rules and regulations are carefully empiric as administration a patient’s case may affect the action of accretion abnormally beneath the calmly of a bloom artisan with beneath experience. To abstain complications apprentice nurses are actuality aggressive by the agreement and charge obey it. The apprentice actuality acquainted of the aphorism restricts himself into assuming procedures, consistent into accepting the capital analytic experience. Therefore, this acquaintance becomes a disadvantage according to the student’s acumen as he was hindered from learning.

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