Westin hotels case study

Answer these 3 scrutinys (1 page per scrutiny) according to the event consider at the attachment

Question 1: Present and sift-canvass your own ideas on how you would possess advised to involve the “five ethnical truths” feeling in the event consider into a Westin tavern agency. What programs would you propound? How would you tool them? What would you lack to be cautious about?

Question 2: Sift-canvass how the HR grafting program patent clear fixed on the Westin three centre values (instinctive, idiosyncratic, enjoyment) improbable the overall consequence and agencys of the tavern?

Question 3: In “the course ahead”, intimate your ideas as to why Westin stigma seems to be loosing account notwithstanding all the innovations? What would you intimate as a direct tread for the Brand?