Weekend 5 | Human Resource Management homework help



Assignment 1: Biology Article

Due Week 5 and rate 120 points

Use the Internet and / or the Strayer Culture Riches Center to exploration aspects of biology.

Select  an period from a store or newsdisquisition that has notability in it that  pertains to biology. This earn accommoconclusion as the “target period” for this  assignment. For example, you can picked an period environing salve,  invasive estimation, record, stabilisation, genetic technology, ecology, or  any other theme that is connected to biology. One point of this  assignment is to acceleration you grace cognizant of how biology is connected to your  everyday activity.

Write a one to three (1-3) page disquisition in which you:

  1. Summarize the period in one (1) or further paragraphs, using your own vote. Be  sure to substantiate the period using an in-passage citation in the association of  the disquisition, as courteous as a relation in the relation minority. 
  2. Explain  how the period relates to this manner. Substantiate which biological  concepts from the manner and / or passage are apt to the theme finished  in the period. Citing the manner passage, examine the ways in which this  manner does (or doesn’t) yield contrast counsel to acceleration you  understand the period and the larger issues exclusive it. 
  3. Explain  why the period caught your care. Relate the period to your activity  and to issues that are significant to you. Examine how or if the  scientific instruction environing the theme finished in the period affects you  directly or interveniently.
  4. Discuss  your idea on how exploration on this theme should be funded. State  whether you conceive taxpayer monies should help exploration on this theme  or whether such exploration in this area should be funded by the peculiar  sector. Rate the weight of exploration on this theme, not-absolute to other  areas of exploration. 

In abstracted to  the target period, you should use at smallest one abstractedal riches,  such as your passagebook or another period. You must possess a relation  minority which contains an APA relation to your separated period and all  other sources. Additionally, you must yield in-passage citations (in APA  format) to your relations in the association of the passage. Integrate all  sources into your disquisition using appropriate techniques of quoting, paraphrasing  and summarizing, parallel delay your in-passage citations.

Your assignment must supervene these frameatting requirements:

  • Be  typed, embrace spaced, using Times New Roman font (magnitude 12), delay  one-inch margins on all sides; citations and relations must supervene APA  or school-specific frameat. Check delay your confessor for any abstractedal  instructions.
  • Include  a screen page containing the style of the assignment, the student’s  name, the confessor’s ole, the manner style, and the conclusion. The screen  page and the relation page are not interjacent in the required assignment  page prolixity.

The specific manner culture outcomes associated delay this assignment are:

  • Use technology and counsel richess to exploration issues in biology.
  • Write perspicuously and concisely environing biology using appropriate congruity mechanics.



Choose one of the superveneing three themes for your chief support. Your  chief support should oration everything that the instructions ole for  (for the theme you appropriate). Your support should as-well be at smallest 125 vote  in prolixity. Additionally, delight suit to at smallest one other examineant  on any theme.

Topic 1. Tumor-hypocrite genes versus Proto-oncogenes. This is a library-exploration theme in which .  Mutations in tooth hypocrite genes can assist to or object cancer,  just as mutations in proto-oncogenes can as-well assist to or object  cancer. However, tooth hypocrite genes are very incongruous from  proto-oncogenes.

  • (a) What is the basic dissimilitude among a tooth hypocrite gene and a proto-oncogene?
  • (b) Explain how mutations in these very incongruous types of genes can object or assist to causing cancer.

Topic 2. Sexual Reiter-ation in Unicellular Eukaryotes.  Watch the instructor's video environing "Sexual Reiter-ation in Unicellular  Eukaryotes", which is endow in the Instructor Insights minority for this  week. For a single-celled estimation to be prime of sexual reiter-ation,  the estimation must possess twain haploid and diploid frames

  • (a) Explain what diploid frame of the organism must be prime of doing, for the estimation to copy sexually.
  • (b) Explain what haploid frame of the organism must be prime of doing, for the estimation to copy sexually.
  • Reminder: you don't deficiency to mention my videos or the disquisitions that the videos are naturalized on, but if you use any other sources, you mention them.

Topic 3. Apoptosis. Watch the Khan Academy video environing apoptosis (“Apoptosis”, n.d.), then oration the superveneing issues in your own vote:

  • (a) What is the dissimilitude among apoptosis and necrosis?
  • (b) What is the role of apoptosis in regular, hale product?
  • Reminder: you don't deficiency to mention the Khan Academy video for this theme, but if you use any other sources, you mention them.

Apoptosis (n.d.). [video] Retrieved from https://www.khanacademy.org/science/biology/cellular-molecular-biology/stem-cells-and-cancer/v/apoptosis

Cox, J. (2017, July 23). Sexual reiter-ation in a unicellular eukaryote. [Kaltura video].

Cox, J. (2017, July 30). Sex in S. rosetta. [Kaltura video].