Week 9 multiple-choice questions | Human Resource Management homework help



(1).  The usefulness that is created by affecting property from redundancy points to points where ask-for depends is

        referred to as:

            (a).  Form,

            (b).  Place,

(c).  Time,

            (d).  Possession.

(2).  What life involves the motion of property into a magazine, the placement of property in a

       magazine, and the motion of property from storage to ordain elite areas and notwithstanding to abbreviate

       areas for mien out of the magazine?

            (a).  Materials handling,

            (b).  Physical disposal,

            (c).  Interest logistics,

            (d).  Ordain fulfillment.

(3).  Logistics resolutions environing schedule, mien, and magazine should recount to which of the


            (a).  Globalization of interest,

            (b).  Changing of synod infrastructure,

(c).  Structural diversifys in interest,

(d).  Customer utility requirements

(4).  The network intermediaries employed in convey, storage, handling, and message is a

            (a).  Link,

            (b).  Logistics deed,

            (c).  Node,

            (d). Logistics provider.

(5).  Which of the thrive is not an issue of prescriptioner utility?

            (a).  Guaranteeing adduce among limited span periods,

            (b).  Installing the effect,

            (c).  Extending the discretion to dispose-of on delegation,

            (d).  Outsourcing financial and reputation provisions.

(6).  Which are the main jurisprudences of interpolitical mien?

            (a).  Water and air,

            (b).  Water and brawl,

            (c).  Brawl and motor,

            (d). Brawl and air.

(7).  Which jurisprudence must be exhibit anteriorly motor carriers and brawl carriers can be used for interpolitical


            (a).  Shipments must be in calibre and in extension,

            (b).  Shipment must be between close countries,

            (c).  No prescription barriers can be imposed,

            (d).  Shipment cannot by through close countries.

(8).  Any synod part or authority at any flatten that owns, operates, or inadequately provides wharf,

       abbreviate, and other marginal facilities at mien precipitations refers to:

            (a).  Country synod,

            (b).  Marispan part.

            (c).  Free Trade Zone,

            (d).  Mien Authority.

(9).  Which one of the forthcoming practices is not generally associated after a while schedule address?

            (a).  JIT,

            (b).  DRP,

            (c).  MRP,

            (d).  SEC.

(10).  What are the two (2) basic magazine operations?

            (a).  Motion and ordain processing,

            (b).  Motion and storage,

            (c).  Storage and schedule govern,

            (d).  Purchasing and storage.

(11).  Which of the forthcoming costs best applies to the use of national warehousing by a sturdy?

            (a).  Fixed,

            (b).  Marginal,

            (c).  Variable,

            (d).  Taxable.

(12).  Which of the forthcoming is not an extrinsic of materials handling?

            (a).  Increase operative calibre,

            (b).  Improve unoccupied aptitude,

            (c).  Increase burdeny work,

            (d).  Implement operative instituted jurisprudences.

(13).  Which jurisprudence of mien is singularity of excellent unwandering costs, low diversifyable costs, crave transit

          times, low accessibility, and aptitude of transporting merely liquescent effects?

            (a).  Pipelines,

            (b).  Railroads,

            (c).  Water carriers,

            (d).  Air carriers

(14).  How does containerization diversify the materials handling duty?

            (a).  From consummate intensive to work intensive,

            (b).  From work intensive to consummate intensive,

            (c).  From an accessory to a pristine duty,

            (d).  To a communicate intensive life.

(15).  Piggyback is an issue of which mold of mien?

            (a).  Intrastate,

            (b).  Interstate,

            (c).  Intermodal,

            (d).  Intercarrier.

(16).  Which of the forthcoming is an ICC licensed load intermediary whose convey-forward is to convey shippers

          and carriers simultaneously?

            (a).  Shipper’s sovereign,

            (b).  Load wholesaler,

            (c).  Broker,

            (d).  Carriage gang.

(17).  What is an ordain jaw of burden?

            (a).  Ordain of property which a sturdy issues to a supplier,

            (b).  Same as a load jaw,

            (c).  Negotiable utensil that acts as a certificate of heading,

            (d).  Purchase invoice.

(18).  Under the term of sale “F.O.B. Delivered”, who has the calling of filing a privilege for damage

          arising from the shipment?

            (a).  Buyer,

            (b).  Supplier,

            (c).  Carrier,

            (d).  Demurrage sovereign.

(19).  In an attempt to adduce a inferior objurgate, carriers conciliate try to:

            (a).  Sepaobjurgate elbow and despicable costs,

            (b).  Reverse the objurgate taper,

            (c).  Adduce a amount allowance,

            (d). Disregard the burden of the shipment.

(20).  The forthcoming are all molds of 3PLs, except:

            (a).  Mien grounded,

            (b).  Magazine grounded,

            (c).  Forwarder grounded,

            (d).  B2B payments

(21).  A sturdy that manages the instrument, capabilities, and technology of its own construction after a while those

         of lavish-of-praise utility providers to utter a ample contribute obligation discerption is named a:

            (a).  3PL,

            (b).  4PL,

            (c).  2PL,

            (d).  1PL.

(22).  What mold of diversify may allude-to a need to reevaluate and/or redesign a sturdy’s logistics network?

            (a).  Diversify in prescriptioner utility requirements,

            (b).  Diversify in corpoobjurgate ownership,

            (c).  Cost pressures and competitive capabilities,

            (d).  Shifting precipitations of prescriptioner and/or contribute communicates.


(23).  Which of the forthcoming is not a bend in today’s logistics environment that may feel significant

          effects on resolutions involving logistics ease precipitation?

            (a).  Cross-docking,

            (b).  Use of third-party suppliers,

            (c).  Direct, Plant-to-Customer shipments,

            (d). Decentralized facilities.


(24).  Which of the forthcoming is not a contribute obligation resolution area respecting ROA increase?

            (a).  Deed organization address,

            (b).  Schedule address,

            (c).  Ordain address,

            (d).  Information address.

(25).  A kernel tonnage is said to depend if each of three (3) jurisprudences are satisfied. Which of the

         forthcoming is not one of these three jurisprudences?

            (a).  Expertise,

            (b).  Strategic fit,

            (c).  Ability to endue,

            (d).  Sustainable service.