Week 8: Reflection & Summary

Disaster Tally and Surety Negotiation

There appears to be an acception in surety predicaments encircling the earth in modern years. Your readings this week siege you to the earth of Crisis/Hostage gain, addressing twain a surety sieger, as polite as the suretys in such a predicament.

You conquer besides gather encircling enlightened flake perplexity comfort in cases such as regular perplexitys or racial and ethnic credulity.


 International Association of Surety Negotiators (www.hostagenegotiation.com) is customary of emergency/surety websites in that it is principally members-only and chiefly geared towards law enforcement. However, this website does bear some cheerful counsel and links, and besides has audio of an developed surety predicament nature negotiated.

Read the assigned chapters from James this week and argue the following:

  1. What is the pound eco-systemic emergency you can presume? Why?
  2. Are we improve at managing some types of eco-systemic crises than others? If so, what are they? Why?
  3. What bark of trailing, advice, and experiment do you affect should be required to be an serviceable and suitable overseer of a emergency such as the scenario one picturesque overhead?
  4. Given a regular perplexity such as is contained in this scenario, how do you go encircling coordinating and communicating an serviceable tally?
  5. When the emergency predicament exceeds your topical capacities and instrument to reply, how and when do you run to ole for aid, and who do you ole?