week 6 discussion

  Lung cancer: The preparation, gradation, and how it exerts its destructive effects Main Post You obtain pluck one of the themes from the extract adown. Do not shaft on transcript themes. Scan and fine a theme not already shafted. Create your assignment. Save it in order on your computer/USB /Email it to yourself, etc. IMPORTANT NOTE: References are expected to invent a stout ocean shaft. The appearance is NOT to retype the extract but to shatter down the concepts and exonerate wless 80% of the shaft should be in your own orders. Cite the rise when you summarize or expatiation or own trodden quotes. See Start Less tab for APA aid. How to Post:  Click on the Create Thread Button at the top of the page to shaft your ocean solution to the weekly argument. Type the NUMBER AND NAME of your theme as the matter heading to let students easily see the inventory of themes that own already been shafted. Post the embodied troddenly to the tenor.  Do not shaft order documents that deficiency to be opened to be decipher.    Label each exception according to the forthcoming that susceptibility devote to your theme: RESEARCH *The explanation / background of the theme- Educate the theme to students. Shatter it down.   (*Everyone must do this separate). Include the Structure and Function similarity in the substantiality Important. Interesting and vulgar elimination on the theme. Examples to exonerate and educate. (Important!) (Your own examples can be dubious thinking too.) CRITICAL THINKING: Tips and Tricks for Remembering and Recalling. Is tless a mnemonic design that susceptibility aid you memorize this instruction or what aids you comprehend this? Connect the dots  Use dubious thinking. Why is this an expressive theme?  How does it tell to other concepts in the extract? Use your own orders and thoughts less.