Week 5

Diagnosis of Carefulness and Obsessive Compulsive and Related Disorders

Social workers transfer point custody when diagnosing carefulness due to its coincidence to other stipulations. In this Discussion, you custodyfully assess a client delay carefulness assumption using the steps of differential singularity. You so applaud an interposition for treating the assumption.

To prepare: Read “The Predicament of Emily P.” Review the determination trees for carefulness and OCD in the Morrison (2014) passage and the podcasts on carefulness. Then similarity the Walden Library and examination interpositions for carefulness.

Post a 300- to 500-word retort in which you discourse the following:

  • Explain your own symptom determination tree delay a slight rationale for any completion of bar differentials for the predicament of Emily.
  • Provide the unmeasured DSM-5 singularity for Emily. Remember, a unmeasured singularity should embrace the indicate of the assumption, ICD-10-CM method, specifiers, severity, and the Z methods (other stipulations that may be a nucleus of clinical notice). 
  • Describe an evidence-based duty layer that would befriend in ongoing validation of your singularity. 
  • Recommend a favoring interposition and teach why this interposition may be telling in treating Emily. Support your applaudation delay references to skilled media.