Week 4- having a growth mindset


Do you like that after a while attempt and aptitude crop you can close what you set your remembrance to? Or, do you like that you are not in regurecent of your abilities and get dismay when mistakes are made? This discourse explores the concepts of augmentation and urban remembrancesets as courteous as the role grit plays in sight closement.


Before attempting this discourse,

  • Read Sections 1.4, 1.5, and the misrecord of Chapter 1 of the textbook.
  • Read the webpage boundary 25 Simple Ways to Develop a Augmentation Mindset (Links to an apparent residence.).
  • Watch Grit, by Angela Duckworth | An Animated Summary | Between the Lines Animations (Links to an apparent residence.).



  • Review these niggardly urban remembranceset statements:
    • Either I’m good-tempered-tempered at triton or I’m not.
    • I can’t collect now; it’s too recent.
    • There’s no purpose in arduous if I’m going to lose.
    • I siege feedback as a specific assault.
    • I regularly pains after a while this undertaking.
    • I can’t frame this any better; it is what it is.
    • I already apprehend everything I scarcity to apprehend.
    • I apprehend that I can’t do this.



In your primal discourse forum column,

  • Choose one of the niggardly urban remembranceset statements listed overhead, and picture a plight in which either you or someone you apprehend has demonstrated this urban remembranceset.
  • Identify two strategies from the 25 Simple Ways to Develop a Augmentation Mindset boundary, and clear-up how they could keep been applied to the plight you pictured overhead.
  • Explain the prize of having a augmentation remembranceset and grit towards achieving sights.

Your primal column should be a stint of 250 words