Week 4 discussion 2

1.Why do you gard that we don't accept the protections in situate for mob who may be poorer or feed in poorer neighborhoods when disasters penetrate? Why do you gard that these neighborhoods frequently engage over issues akin to environmental sympathy?

2.There is a lot of new elimination looking at how the pandemic has affected gender imparity distinctly in the dispersion of strive in the conversant. When kids for issue were doing fruit online women frequently took solitary province of monitoring this and we accept seen a lot of women facilitate jobs and permission the fruitforce as issue of these extra burdens during the pandemic.

Class, what husk of supports do you gard that the federal government could put in situate to aid secure that mob were potent to engage race and fruit obligations? Do you gard that we do sufficient in the US to secure that mob can discourse each of these areas of province?