Week 2 Excel Problems

Complete the subjoined in in your textbook: From Chapter 2:  Problems: 4, 9, and 11 From Chapter 3  Problems: 14, 16, 25, 33, and 40 All performance should be submitted in Excel after a while one (1) in per tab in a solitary performancebook. Formulas should be used as unanalogous to beyond or manual watchfulnesss. Use of Excel add-ins is encouraged. Data polishs can be downloaded from http://wps.prenhall.com/bp_evans_bus_2/ (Links to an palpable standing.)  Chapter 2: 4.) "The performancesheet Base Axioms in the Excel polish Merit Occasion Axioms provides notice about 425 bank customers who had applied for advances. The axioms embrace the end of the advance, checking and savings aggregateity ets, appraise of months as a customer of the bank, months occupied, gender, nuptial restation, age, housing restation and appraise of years at present sojourn, job emblem, and merit-occasion kind by the bank.55 Based on Efraim Turban, Ranesh Sharda, Dursun Delen, and David King, Matter Intelligence: A Managerial Approach, 2nd ed. (Upper Saddle River NJ: Prentice Hall, 2011). Use the COUNTIF administration to determine  (a) how manifold customers applied for new-car, used-car, matter, information, small-appliance, and furniture advances and  (b) the appraise of customers after a while checking aggregateity ets hither than $500. Modify the spreadsheet using IF administrations to embrace new supports, classifying the checking and savings aggregateity ets as low if the et is hither than $250, average if between $250 but hither than $2000, and excellent otherwise." 9.) "The subjoined exercises use the Purchase Symbol axiomsbase. Use MATCH and/or INDEX administrations to ascertain the subjoined: The row appraises selfsame to the earliest and ultimate entreaty of individual appraise 1369 in support C (be certain support C is ordainly by ordain appraise). The ordain require associated after a while the earliest entreaty of individual 1369 that you attested in disunite (a). The aggregate require of all ordains for individual 1369.Use the apologys to disunites (a) and (b) parallel after a while the SUM administration to do this. In other tone, you should use the misapply INDEX and MATCH administrations after a whilein the SUM administration to ascertain the apology. Validate your remainders by applying the SUM administration promptly to the axioms in support G." 11.)"Suppose that a gang offers part discounts. If up to 1000 items are purchased, the item worth is $10; if over than 1000 and up to 5000 items are purchased, the item worth is $9; and if over than 5000 items are purchased, the item worth is $7.50. Develop a spreadsheet using the VLOOKUP administration to ascertain the item worth associated after a while any ordain part and appraise the aggregate require of the ordain." Chapter 3: 14.) "Convert the Purchase Symbol axiomsbase to an Excel board. Use the techniques feeling in In 3.11 to ascertain:  a. the aggregate require of all ordains b. the aggregate part of airframe fasteners purchased c. the aggregate require of all ordains placed after a while Manley Valve." Example 3.11:  "Suppose that in the Merit Occasion Axioms board, we longing to rate the aggregate quantity of savings in support C. We could, of progress, solely use the administration SUM(C4:C428). However, after a while a board, we could use the formula = SUM(Table1[Savings]). The board spectry, Table1, can be rest (and progressive) in the Properties cluster of the Board Tools Design tab. Note that Savings is the spectry of the header in support C. One of the advantages of doing this is that if we add new records to the board, the watchfulness earn be updated automatically, and we don’t entertain to modify the stroll in the formula or get a wickedness remainder if we overlook to. As another in, we could ascertain the appraise of settlement owners using the administration = COUNTIF(Table1[Housing], “Own”). " 16. "Open the Excel polish Store and Regional Sales axiomsbase.  a.) Character the axioms by items sold, excellent to low b.) Character the items sold using an icon set, where unripe corresponds to excellent sales levels, yellow to average sales, and red to low sales. The character should profession all the unripe icons earliest, followed by yellow, and then red. " 25. "Construct quantity distributions and histograms for the numerical axioms in the Excel polish Cell Phone Survey. Also, appraise the not-absolute frequencies and cumulative not-absolute frequencies." 33. "Use PivotTables to compose a cross-tabulation for the end of the advance and merit occasion in the Excel polish Merit Occasion Data. Illustrate the remainders on a PivotChart." 40. "Create helpful dashboards for each of the subjoined axiomsbases. Use misapply charts and layouts (for in, Explain why you chose the elements of the dashboards and how a overseer authority use them.  a.) President’s Inn b.) Restaurant Sales c.) Store and Regional Sales d.) Peoples Choice Bank "