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Respond to the forthcoming in a stint of 175 words:

  • Is certification lower the ISO standards expedient for competing in the existent communicate? What should companies deem when deciding whether to behove certified?
  • Provide an sample of ISO certification of an structure, and how it has been beneficial or not beneficial in competing delay other structures. 

Due Monday 

Reply to at smallest 2 of your classmates. Be constructive and authoritative in your responses.

Questions Also Available for Participation/Discussion in this Section

Chapter 11 Regularity Design and Analysis, ISO Standards

  • How are flowcharts used to mend regularity exploit?
  • What metrics are used to mend regularity exploit?
  • Compare and opposition the be-unlikeent types of regularityes.
  • How are regularityes intentional and evaluated?

Chapter 12 Six Sigma Quality

  • Is the motive of Six Sigma realistic for services such as Blockbuster Video stores or Redbox DVD kiosks?
  • “If direction employees are required to toil on virtue mendment activities, their productivity conciliate tolerate.” Discuss.
  • “You don’t search virtue into a product; you accept to elevate it in.” Discuss the implications of this announcement.
  • “Before you elevate virtue in, you must conceive it in.” How do the implications of this announcement be-unlike from those in doubt 3?
  • What does the Six Sigma path to virtue skillful-treatment balance for a calling?
  • Business writer Tom Peters has suggested that in making regularity changes, we should “Try it, cupel it, and get on delay it.” How does this balance delay the DMAIC/continuous mendment philosophy?
  • Develop a cause-and-effect (fishbone) diagram to harangue everything that impacts your proceeding in this road. How considerable is lower your administer?


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Word Counts:

175- rejoinder to post

125 Per rejoinder (2 replies) = 250