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I bear an assignment under.  I earn frame my own video I straighteous shortness the advice that i earn accost.  Delight ensue the rubic.




Assignment 3: Tender Video Presentation
Due Week 10 and merit 250 points

Using the selfselfsame scenario from Assignment 1, Sustaining Documents, and Assignment 2, you bear finishedd your vergeer and are handy to give the advice to the CEO and the building’s decision-makers. Use a tablet, smartphone, laptop, desktop, or unwritten video annalser to annals a five to ten (5-10) inequitable video in which you give the findings and recommendations of your liberal vergeer.

Note: If you are using a tablet or smartphone, you earn shortness to email the video rasp to yourself, then husband it to a computer in prescribe to upload to Blackboard. You may shortness to upload your video to a rasp sharing utility, such as Dropbox, if your email earn not let you bestow a wide video rasp. Dropbox is undetermined from all smartphones and tablets from the Dropbox app.

Once you are handy to upload your video to Blackboard, design the Kaltura video tutorial located here.
Please use the ensueing naming compact in the popup window for your video uninterruptedly it is violent uploading:


Title: Your First Name, Your Last Name – Tender Video Presentation
Tags: HRM562, Proposal
Description: First Name, Last Name – HRM562 Assignment 3 (Date Uploaded ex. 10-27-2014)


Note: Check failure your adherent for any appended instructions. If you do not bear approximation to a video camera or regular hardware to finished this assignment, delight contiguity your adherent.

Tips to intention for your video:


  • Create utterance cards

  • Practice in front of a reshape and / or friends

  • Redesign materials thoroughly

  • Be persuasive

  • Be authoritative

  • Be creative

  • Have fun!

    Create a five to ten (5-10) inequitable video giveation in which you:


1.      Present the embezzle points of your vergeer for addressing buildingal scholarship outcomes. Emassemblage details on criteria one through nine (1-9) from Assignment 2.


2.      Project your utterance in prescribe to palpably carry your ideas.


3.      Present in a authoritative carriage.


4.      Use technology (e.g., audio capacity, video capacity, naming compacts) to carry ideas.


5.      Use utterance flexion and fair discourse.


The inequitable round scholarship outcomes associated failure this assignment are:


  • Examine the regularityes of how buildings attain and buildingal barriers that contact the regularity.

  • Examine the concepts of inequitable superiority and hyperphysical models and their akin avail in a scholarship building.

  • Examine the driving forces akin to buildingal scholarship.

  • Analyze the key components of a scholarship building and the role of a pre-eminent scholarship administrator.

  • Evaluate strategies for creating a scholarship building.

  • Evaluate skill comportments that bias buildingal scholarship.

  • Analyze the shifts in buildingal building and regularityes to invent a scholarship building.

  • Examine gift skill as an regulative atom of the scholarship building.

  • Use technology and advice instrument to examination outcomes in eliminateing a scholarship building.

  • Write palpably and concisely environing eliminateing a scholarship building using fair adaptation artificer.


    Grading for this assignment earn be invetereprove on counter-argument capacity, logic / building of the tractate, and discourse and adaptation skills, using the ensueing rubric.


Points: 250

Assignment 3: Tender Video Presentation



Below 70% F


70-79% C


80-89% B


90-100% A

1. Give the embezzle points of your vergeer for addressing buildingal scholarship outcomes. Emassemblage details on criteria one through nine (1-9) from Assignment 2.

Weight: 25%

Did not succumb or inaccurately giveed the embezzle points of your vergeer for addressing buildingal scholarship outcomes. Did not succumb or inaccurately intervening details on criteria one through nine (1-9) from Assignment 2.

Partially giveed the embezzle points of your vergeer for addressing buildingal scholarship outcomes. Imperfectly intervening details on criteria one through nine (1-9) from Assignment 2.

Satisfactorily giveed the embezzle points of your vergeer for addressing buildingal scholarship outcomes. Satisfactorily intervening details on criteria one through nine (1-9) from Assignment 2.

Thoroughly giveed the embezzle points of your vergeer for addressing buildingal scholarship outcomes. Thoroughly intervening details on criteria one through nine (1-9) from Assignment 2.

2. Project your utterance in prescribe to palpably carry your ideas.

Weight: 25%

Great inaptitude communicating ideas. Poor utterance prominence. Slight food or infinished composition.

Some inaptitude communicating ideas, due to utterance prominence, bankruptcy of food, or infinished composition

Communicates ideas failure fair utterance prominence. Adequate food and bestowal.

Communicates ideas failure transport, fair utterance prominence, mismisembezzle discourse, and open bestowal.

3.  Present in a authoritative carriage.

Weight: 20%

The giveation was not delivered in a authoritative carriage. Numerous gaps were fix in the giveation.

The giveation was delivered but not authoritative. Numerous gaps in the course of the giveation.

The giveation was delivered in a authoritative carriage. Very few gaps in the course of the giveation.

The giveation was delivered and was very authoritative. No gaps in the course of the giveation.

4. Use technology (e.g., audio capacity, video capacity, naming compacts) to carry ideas.

Weight: 15%

Did not succumb or inaccurately used technology potently. Audio, video, and naming compacts were missing.

Partially used technology slightly potently. Audio, video, and naming compacts were imperfectly genial.

Satisfactorily used technology potently. Audio, video, and naming compacts were acceptably genial.

Thoroughly used technology very potently. Audio, video, and naming compacts were indeficient.

5. Use utterance flexion and fair discourse

Weight: 15%

Grammar, utterance flexion embodys balance than 5 unconditional errors, provincialism errors, etc.

Grammar, utterance flexion embodys 3-4 unconditional errors, provincialism errors, etc.

Grammar, utterance flexion embodys 2-3 unconditional errors, provincialism errors, etc.

Grammar, utterance flexion indeficient. No errors in the passage or audio of giveation.






Week 1 Assignment




Diversity is one of the gists that seek most of the buildings. Later buildings coalesce opposed moments when troublesome to coalesce the auguster dissonance unarranged the employees, hiring compositioners from contrariant races, creeds, genders and ages to frame separeprove ranks failurein an building. Dissonance biass an building into dares and obstacles to balancecome. Any building that can mould a separeprove compositionlocate has a substantial utility balance other companies that are disqualified to contain dissonance in the most prolific way. This argument focusses on dissonance as the chief outcome that is seeking most portion-out buildings.




Major buildings are confrontment the gist of coping failure dissonance and in our building, it is no contrariant than the others. Distinct contents august assistance towards the operation of dissonance in this building. One of the most embezzle content causing dissonance in the later compositionlocate of our building is the reprove of the growth in the population of the United States (Khan, 2015). Increased population in the United States qualifys the stipend of compositioners from contrariant ethnic assemblages failurein the empire. However, our sturdy is coalesceing a gist of coalesceing the demands of all the compositioners. These compositioners bear contrariant ideologies implanted in their cultivations that convey numerous opposedies whenever the building tries to instrument its portion-out strategies.




 The sturdy’s buildingal cultivation endowment at determining the way its employees rejoin to the dare of dissonance that they may coalesce in the compositionplace. The civilized supplies skill of the building depends on the patronage of the buildingal cultivation of the sturdy (Sharan, 2008). However, the building of this building endowment at coalesceing the competitive utility of this fraternity. Discourse the competitive utility of this fraternity entails instrumentation of strategies that succors in the food of the insist-uponments of separeprove compositioners failurein the building.




 The concept of misinterpretation is a sordid diagnosis of the sturdy’s buildingal building.  The building of this building assumes that all the employees bear resembling preferences in the deed of the Company’s activities. This fraternity provides resembling opportunities to all the employees (Lipshitz, 2007). It grafts a building that generalizes the insist-uponments of the customers failureout coalesceing inequitable differences that may stop unarranged the employees. Also, the skill of the Fraternity provides a anticipation and band-arms statements that intention what the fraternity insist-upons its employee to do instead of describing the activities that the fraternity must do. The fraternity verges to disturb the ghostly considerations of most of the employees by grafting a unpliant buildingal building that does not change failure the differences that stop unarranged the employees.




The stoping Organizational Scholarship Agency of the Fraternity allows the fraternity to append, prove, stock, disseminate and use advice embezzle to the customers of the building. The fraternity frames daily reports on the product of the employees as polite as their habiliments to qualify power in the compositioning regularity. This building applies an potent coerce agency that qualifys the fraternity to prove the unconditional and the indirect reactions of all other agencys that this building uses in coalesceing the dispense demands of its customers (Jennex, 2008). The online Organizational Scholarship Agency is one symbolical temporization grafted by this building. The fraternity utilizes this agency by hopeful its compositioners to composition as a team.  Working as a team succors in befitting composition power from the employees. This temporization succors the fraternity to unfold the gist of dissonance. It succors the fraternity to frame atonement for the differences that stop in the composition product that emanates from the gist of dissonance.




Internal Organizational Scholarship Agency by an building is an choice regularity for replacing the aggravatehead regularity that aggravateheads this building from attaining point scholarship. Inner scholarship agency entails utilization of inner instrument and buildings to coalesce the buildingal demands as polite as promoting indivisibility unarranged the employees. This regularity best suits in solving the authorized outcome of dissonance that is seeking the day to day operations of the Company.




The norms of the buildingal building of this sturdy entails compositioning as a team. It insist-upons resembling values and norms that bias comportment. In the instrumentation of this building cultivation, the skill coalesces dares that aggravatehead fertile scholarship. Some of the reasons rearwards the fraternity’s insufficiency to close fertile scholarship are the preoption of nakedness and truthfulness in teaching (Boud, 2006). The productivity of an building depends on its power to unfold the gist of dissonance and further a team temper that repairs fertile scholarship. 




The roll of nakedness that catchs locate in this building is nevertheless insufficient. Bankruptcy of nakedness denies the stipend of the most costly advice of the employees that earn succor in promoting dissonance. Therefore, it is prudent for this building to eliminate an potent temporization that repairs fertile scholarship. Truthfulness poses resembling opposedies whenever an building tries to qualify fertile scholarship. An truthfulness-invetereprove similarity to ethics skill contains for the mouldrial calling of ghostly comportment. This regularity seeks to determine the forcible values of the fraternity, its aspirations as polite as the patterns of precede and comportment. Failure of a fraternity to test its heart values translates to low fertile scholarship. Therefore, the sturdy ought to adduce the most mismisembezzle temporization for solving the gist of dissonance and further fertile scholarship of its employees.












David Boud, P. C. (2006). Productive cogitation at composition : scholarship for changing buildings. New York: Routledge Publishers.




Jennex, M. E. (2008). Current outcomes in notice skill. Hershey, PA: Advice Science Reference.




Khan, M. A. (2015). Diverse contemporary outcomes confrontment portion-out skill teaching. Hershey, PA: Portion-out Science Reference.




Lipshitz K. Raanan, M. P. (2007). Demystifying buildingal scholarship. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications.




Sharan, I. T.-c. (2008). Organizing schools for fertile scholarship. New York: Springer Publishers.


More patronageing Documents




The Pre-eminent Executive Officer




Organizational Scholarship Issues


April 19, 2016








Upon the examination on the aggravatehead question, it is straight to say that most of the employees in this building fruit-for as a sacrifice of buildingal scholarship outcomes. The most usual outcomes seeking the employees of this building is the dares failure defining the goals of the building and the gist of acquiring spurs that motivate the employees towards the closement of these goals.


Even though the skill of this building has an portion-out in disseminating the notice, they coalesce the dare of measuring the good-fortune of the notice stipend. Insufficiency to close inequitable goals frames it impracticable for an building skill to gauge the advance and classify the best noble instrument to procure the key of this gist. In conjunction, this building is denial a dare of motivation to its employees. Bankruptcy of spurs verges to weaken the morale of attaining and cherishing the notice actively. Occasions where these dares conspicuous themselves is where the employees course to denounce balance a pay hike. It shows a bankruptcy of turmoil by this building.


Internal Organizational Scholarship Agency is the most proper regularity for this building to close a transition on the gist. The key to these two gists mingles the accureprove specification of the buildingal goals by making them artless and open for the employees to interpret them. Food of spurs such as pay hike and proturmoil is another symbolical way of solving the gist failure motivation. Specification of the buildingal goals and motivation of the employees provides a current regularity of ensuring the employees identifies the goals. In conjunction, motivation provides violent composition outcomes from the employees.


More patronageing Documents


Resistance Issues

Resistance Outcome Description

Resistance Risk Before (H) or (M)

Mitigation Intervention

Resistance Risk Behind (M) or (L)

Mitigation Agency Rationale


The buildingal technique of gregariousization is an embezzle building building that relates to the unimpeded course of notice. Failure of an building to graft a current buildingal gregariousization building sources a lot of gists during the instrumentation of separeprove activities that repair achieving the set goals of the fraternity. Socialization refers to the regularity by which an point can achieve contrariant attitudes, comportments and ideas that qualify a idiosyncratic to portion-out good-fortunefully as a portion of the intercourse. The instrumentation of this regularity by an building catchs an unlimited conclusion such that it can bias the instrumentation of a transition regularity-induction locate failurein an building. An potent gregariousization regularity by a assemblage entails three embezzle phases. It mingles anticipating the gregariousization regularity, coalesceing the regularity and instrumenting the grafted regularity.









Implementation of an potent building building is the most unequivocal agency that succors an building to converge failure opposition to transition. The instrumentation of an potent buildingal gregariousization building entails the preoption of the three embezzle stages of gregariousization as intentiond in the aggravatehead argument.



The rationale for instrumenting unconditional building gregariousization should mingle the instrumentation of an potent program that qualifys all the employees of the building to portion-out in activities that proturmoil buildingal gregariousization. The program refers to the luxuriance regularity that allows the employees to coalesce the gregariousization insist-uponments of the building. A luxuriance program should emassemblage the employees failure regular techniques that qualify potent gregariousization and skill of the civilized instrument owned by the building.


Psychological Scholarship Threat


Disruption is an embezzle metaphysical scholarship browbeating that may outcome from the instrumentation of a transition regularity that may shape an building into a scholarship environment. One can determine disintegration as a metaphysical regularity owing it triggers indirect stakeholders’ reoperation and biass the building’s financial ability and power to act their calling. Disintegration sources variation to the usual gregarious buildings in the embedment of the notice towards the instrumentation of separeprove activities that catchs locates in the building. The contact of disintegration towards the eliminatement of the transitioning regularity is noble. It stimulates disruptive events that seek buildingal productivity and product such as employee shapeover, technological novelty, rebuilding and other terminal events. Moreover, disintegration seeks point notice and political notice. It sources a failure in the instrumentation of activities that repair productivity.







Mitigation of disintegration in an building weakens incidences of unplanned events, unopen or infinished inequitableations and changes in the sconverge of portion-out eliminatement. Food for disintegrations is the most embezzle agency that mitigates this dare that seeks portion-out instrumentation in buildings. This agency mingles the preoption of separeprove activities that succors in the desuetude of the total regularity.



The rationale for instrumenting the agency regularity for healing disintegration entails multiple of activities. These activities that unfold this metaphysical gist mingles;

i. Understanding the sconverge of the gist

ii.    Defining the existent consequences of the deflexion or the transition regularity

iii.    Analyzing the accurate pathwayway for eliminating the disintegration

iv. Establishing the contents that trigger the risks in a system


Organizational Structure

Diversity is one of the chief dares in the cultivation that may source a symbolical opposition to the transition from point scholarship to buildingal scholarship. It imposes an unconducive environment to an building that invents a lot of limitations in the instrumentation of activities that repair transitioning from point scholarship to buildingal scholarship. Dissonance prompts variation of policies and operational procedures in the building.  The chief gist sourced by the dissonance that inhibits the roll of transitioning that may happen in buildings is wastage of term and instrument. The building utilizes a lot of term when solving gists akin to dissonance instead of concentrating on other advanceive activities love setting up achievable goals and objectives of the building. Moreover, dissonance leads to conflicts that source hyperphysical concerns to the building, subside in the roll of productivity, outcomes of rape and weakend composition power. Moreover, dissonance frames employees stop disinclined to the occurrence that the gregarious and cultural frameup of their compositionlocate should experiment changes.







Mitigating dissonance in an building is an zeal that insist-upons symbolical agency. Implementation of the dissonance eliminatement intention is the most accurate agency that succors in the desuetude of this gist.



The rationale for instrumenting dissonance skill intention mingles a alien of regularityes. This program embodys disgusting key regularityes as intentiond under:

i.    Assessment of dissonance in the compositionplace

ii.    Development of dissonance in the compositionlocate intention

iii.    Implementation of the dissonance skill intention


Workforce Commitment

Redeployment is a compositionforce commitment by an building in the instrumentation of this transition. This zeal entails the preoption of a buildingd and a invariable similarity that encourages and qualifys the discontent of commonalty failure contrariant gifts and violent roll of product. It qualifys the building to mould all the activities that patronage the operation of transitioning.

 The instrumentation of redeployment is an zeal that coalesces distinct dares.  The opposition that an building may coalesce when instrumenting redeployment embodys exchangeed expectations. All the buildings graft this operation failure an aim of acquiring unconditional outcomes to the building. On the antagonistic, buildings verge to experiment indirect property behind induction this operation of redeployment. Failure of an building to frame unconditional expectations act as a dare to numerous companies.



The agency for this opposition should mingle making symbolical for whatever outcomes that an building may coalesce through redeployment. It stops the leadership of the skill team of the building to frame an estimated divine of the estimated property of instrumenting a point zeal and making agreements achievable agreements.



The rationale of contact of this agency mingles missing expectations that may exchange the closement of unconditional outcomes to the fraternity. Moreover, the employee should consume extra term in the instrumentation of activities that further the closement of unconditional outcomes.



Dissemination of Knowledge

Knowledge Dissemination unarranged the employees is a portion-out that coalesces distinct dares. The scantiness of substantive rewards and benefits to the employees is one of the key gists/issues that seek the dissemination of notice by the employees failurein an building. Point awards act as an spur that motivates the employees towards the stipend of separeprove ideas of the eliminatement of the team. Availpower of rewards qualifys the employees to portion-out in examination and eliminatement that repair the expatiation of contrariant sectors of the building. Therefore, bankruptcy of point rewards teaches the assemblage to failureed rolls of the notice dissemination. The employees teach slight efforts to achieve and portion-out new notice unarranged them.


The most symbolical agency for this outcome akin to the dissemination of notice failurein the fraternity. Food of rewards should mingle not simply substantives objectives but besides insubstantive rewards. Some of the existent rewards emassemblage an growth in stipend timeliness insubstantive rewards insist-upon a elevation.



The rationale for providing rewards to the employees implies the contact of separeprove regularitys the roll of product unarranged the employees to comprehend the employee that insist-upons avocation. Proturmoil is the most mismisembezzle temporization for rewarding employees. It provides an exterior motivation to the employees and entices them to catch bisect in notice dissemination.