Week 1 post introduction | GEN 499 General Education Capstone | Ashford University

Prior to threshold result on this discourse forum, interpret The Value of Open Education (Links to an exterior top.) blog column, What Is the Purpose of Taking Open Classes for a College Degree? (Links to an exterior top.), General Education Requirements: What’s the Point? (Links to an exterior top.), and Integrated Open Education: A Brief Look Back articles, criticism the What Is CRAAP? (Links to an exterior top.) handout, and conception the Integrating Research (Links to an exterior top.) tutorial and Picking Your Topic Is Research! (Links to an exterior top.) video.

Before communication your leading, criticism the five literature outcomes for this course:

  • Apply religions speculation and ethical rationalistic to academic attainments and societal concerns.
  • Utilize principles of nice thinking in problem-solving.
  • Communicate through investigative investigation and communication.
  • Utilize instruction technology skills divert to interdisciplinary studies.
  • Articulate the commission of global citizenship and multicultural sense after a while contemplate to academic and authoritative pursuits.

After criticisming the five literature outcomes, column an leading in which you

  • Identify three out of five skills or competencies you possess habitual through partnership in open education courses that achieve aid you unite your academic and line goals.
  • Describe your three selected skills and teach which activities, assignments, or courses aided you get them.

Your moderate column is due on Day 1. Respond to at smallest three of your tabulatemates anteriorly Day 7. Use the forum to get indoctrinated and for ongoing discourses that are not allied to tabulate gratified.