WEEK 1 DISCUSSION TOPIC Use the Discourse Forum beneath to corcortally to these discourse topics: Remember, this is our classroom. Succeeding you discourse this week's questions, you can corcortally to any post I put in class for your attached posts, and you should as-well discover and corcortally to posts from at smallest two other classmates. Posting 3 spans is a MINIMUM expectancy. Three posts conciliate NOT obtain you an laudable track "A". For that you must go more the minimum expectancy. Use beyond exploration sources in observation to the citation body (journals, tidings catechism, etc. -- but NOT Wikipedia). Properly instrument your sources using APA fashion in-citation allusions and a allusion register. MINICASE:  The Nom-Nom Cake Company Danh and Linh Nguyen formed the Nom-Nom Cake Crew in Los Angeles, CA in 2013. Their crew done a multiformity of component cakes. Opportunity getting their new crew off the cause, Danh and Linh continued to effect at their pristine jobs. Linh handled marketing and division opportunity Danh performed all of the baking. The crew grew fast and was featured three years subjoined on a general cooking demonstration, followed by interviews in trendy magazines. Sales indeed took off succeeding that, and the crew began receiving authority from all resisting the United States and as-well from overseas customers.  Thanks to this explosive sales development, Danh and Linh left their "regular" jobs astern and began submissive component cakes unmeasured span. They as-well remunerated attached effecters to aid them preserve up after a while authority. However, the influx of authority has created more claim than they can manipulate after a while their general faculty. They are submissive as multifarious cakes as they can, but claim for their cakes continues to develop, and they are decorous swamped by larger and increased collection of authority.  A generally-known supermarket fastening and a celebrated restaurant of-late contacted Nom-Nom Cake Crew environing selling their cakes in the supermarkets and featuring them in restaurants all resisting America.  Danh and Linh keep operated the crew as a one proprietorship thus far. Assume they keep approached you as a consultant to aid manipulate and straightforward the crew's forthcoming development. Specifically, they keep asked you to admonish them on the subjoined questions: 1.  What are the advantages and disadvantages of changing the crew structure from a one proprietorship to an LLC? 2.  What are the advantages and disadvantages of changing the crew structure from a one proprietorship to a fortification? 3.  Ultimately, what enjoyment(s) do you applaud Danh and Linh admit touching the crew and why?