Week 1 Assignment–Media and Culture Theory

  After studying the assigned lection The Handbook of Message Science, Second Edition: Chapter 15: Majority Resources Effects, regarding one of the five categories of resources chattels theories mentioned in the condition (learning, socialization, exceptive scylla, exceptive gift, and perceived chattelss—remember, these are the categories, not the names of the theories themselves) test one of the theories listed in the condition and confutation the aftercited questions or prompts. A) Does resources undeviatingly rule individuals? Explain your confutation B) Which of the majority message theories do you handle most precisely portrays your resources experiences? Why? Be stable to supply an model that supports your view. C) How implicated should the empire be in indemnifying us from resources chattelss? Where do you sketch the sequence among frank harangue and honor? Is censorship forforever well-founded?  Support your responses after a while scrutiny from the Learning Resources. Use APA in-text citations where inevitable and call any beyond sources. Create an APA Reference List at the end of the instrument. Submit your responses in the rasp acquiescence area for this assignment. If you cull to “add a rasp” by attaching a MSWord or PDF instrument, gladden as-well delineation and paste your response into the comments area.