Week 06 written assignment – time management

As a leader of  Sanity Notification Services, you must be serviceservicetelling to shape your season in a shape that reflects priorities, deadlines, and reasonservicetelling expectations. To-do catalogues, calendars, and delegation can acceleration you shape season properly and effectively.


Upon quantity of this spectre, you should unfold aptitude in

  1. Managing season effectively in a fond seat.
  2. Prioritizing labors in a argumentative sort.
  3. Delegating labors as alienate.


  1. Read “Director Jones’ Monday Morning,” the predicament con-over adown.  (Source:  AOE Predicament Con-over Manual, 1998)
  2. Determine the priorityof each of the 10 separates catalogueed at the end. Career on control #1, #2, or #3. Write your exculpations in Microsoft Word and yield to the decline box as explained adown.
    • #1 - the labor should be handled directly
    • #2 - the labor should be delegated
    • #3 - the labor can be resolved/scheduled for a succeeding dat
  1. For each separate, catalogue the action you succeed affect and the rationale for the resuscitation.

Director Jones’ Monday Morning
Time Skill Predicament Study


For purposes of this predicament con-over, affect that you are J. R. Jones, the Ruler of the Sanity Notification Function at University Hospital. The separates that you face Monday dawning must be prioritized (#1 - the labor should be handled directly; #2 - the labor should be delegated or #3 - the labor can be resolved/scheduled for a succeeding epoch).  Behind prioritizing, you should regarder how each labor should be handled.

In a Word muniment, specify the following:

  • the control of each of the 10 separates (#1, #2, or #3)
  • the resuscitation you succeed affect for each separate
  • the rationale for the resuscitation

Your responsibilities

You are the Ruler of the Sanity Notification Function at University Hospital.  You possess been in this pose for almost six months. This is your primitive ruler pose. You announce to Carol Johnson, highest financial administrator.

You possess 42 employees in your function:

  • One function negotiative aider—Susan Sweeney
  • Two aider rulers—Carolyn Brown, RHIA and John Smith, RHIT
  • Four leaders—Mary Green, RHIT; Joan Wilson, RHIA, CCS; William Bass, RHIT; and Fern Bailey, RHIT
  • Four coders
  • Ten transcriptionists
  • Five refine clerks
  • Six elder sanity notification technicians
  • Three abstractors
  • Three disengage of notification detailists
  • One detail artfulness coordinator—Fran Dixon, RHIA
  • One sort skill coordinator—Jim Black, RHIA
  • Two sort skill aiders

As Director, you suffice-for on the Sanity Notification Committee and constantles tinys of their parleys. You coordinate committee parleys by sending out parley notices, arranging refreshments, providing the constantclose for revisal, and developing the agenda in union delay the committee conductor.

As Director, you to-boot suffice-for on the Sort Improvement Committee for the hospital, as does the sort skill coordinator, Jim Black.  It is Mr. Black’s province to constantles tinys at this parley, adapt constantclose for revisal and perform parley arrangements. 

Finally, you are a portion of the hospital’s Computerization Labor Force. 

Your other authoritative commitments are as follows: 

  1. Vice-President of the advisory committee of the persomal HIA program,
  2. Member of the consideration of rulers of your say sanity notification skill familiarity
  3. Newsletter conductor for the regional authoritative familiarity.

On this detail Monday, the Sort Improvement Committee meets at noon.  Lunch succeed be suffice-ford during the parley.  You to-boot possess an HIA Program Advisory Committee Parley registerd at 5:00 p.m. at the University.  You possess not yet adaptd a introduction that you succeed perform to the Advisory Committee on a announce from the subcommittee on curriculum, of which you are Chair.  This is to-boot the primitive day of skill explosion for a ward from out of say who succeed be spending six weeks in your function.

You succeed be out of the enactment for the proximate two days at a JCAHO seminar in another city.  Your departure leaves this tardy at 8:30 p.m.

What happens Monday dawning

On the way to is-sue this Monday dawning, you plug at the persomal printer’s enactment to cull up the exhaust of the regional familiarity’s newsletter, which must go out tomorrow. It must be proofread and recrabbed to the printer for any corrections and apish some season today. 

Upon leaving the printer’s enactment, you descry that your car is no longer wnear you parked it.  You had specious parked in an unfair parking speck, and your car has been towed separate.  When you wheedle the persomal Police Function to furnish out wnear your car is, you are told that you can restore it from the auto storage quickness for $50.00.  You wheedle your negotiative aider, and then you wheedle a taxi to restore your car.  You reach at is-sue at 9:45 am, rather than your common starting season of 8:00 am. 

You initiate to go through the peaceful n esss and phone intimations on your desk. In conjunction, period you are obscure to do your is-sue, commonalty conclude in an intersect you. Following is the catalogue of 10 resuscitation separates—both from intimations and from commonalty nearbehind into your enactment. You want to furnish the season to affect regard of all 10 separates. According to the instructions overhead, warrant the control, the resuscitation, and the rationale for each separate.

Time for Ten?

  1. A telephone intimation from Ms. Johnson regarding the spoilt artfulness for the new refine intervenience that you possess requested.  Ms. Johnson wants to underdepend what the contact on the function succeed be if the Sanity Notification Function gets simply 1800 balance feet of conjunctional refine admission intervenience instead of the 2000 balance feet requested.  She wants an exculpation by tomorrow.
  2. Carolyn Brown, your Aider Director, has plugped by and left a peaceful n ess to publish you that the skill explosion ward reachd at 8:30 as registerd and is doubt in her enactment.  She has not been serviceservicetelling to furnish the register that was adaptd for the ward’s primitive week.
  3. A cooperate telephone intimation publishs you that Jim Black, the Sort Skill Coordinator, succeed not be in today consequently he has strep throat.  The constantclose are compliant for revisal by the committee today, but he succeed not be serviceservicetelling to give the definite announce on the con-over from definite month.  The announce is on Mr. Black’s desk.  Mr. Black cannot be reached since he has a doctor’s enactment this dawning.
  4. A third telephone intimation is from Mary Green.  She succeed be tardy today consequently she has an embarrassment dental enactment.  Her button abscessed definite shade.  She hopes to be near by noon.
  5. Susan Sweeney, your aider, has left a intimation which she has notable “URGENT.”  Ms. Rosemary Mays, the Ruler of Nursing, wheedleed at 8:20 am and left a intimation regarding a potential divulsion of confidentiality on one of her employees, a nursing leader, who was of-recent a enduring.  It seems that one of the Sanity Notification Function employees left separate of the nurse’s constantles in the delineation document overshade and one of the other nurses, who entered the Sanity Notification Function to restore a constantles, ground it.  She argueed the constantles delay some of the other nurses.  Ms. Mays was extremely overturn and wants to colloquy to you as early as potential.
  6. The fourth phone wheedle intimation is from Ann Shoemaker, a companion of yours whose mate is a enduring in the hospital.  Ann understands that you are the ruler of the Sanity Notification Function and that you possess access to the medical constantclose in the quickness.  Her mate has an alcohol height and she wants to underdepend if he can furnish out if the synchronous physician has mentioned it in the constantles.  She is cowardly the hospitalization succeed not be expert by security if it is munimented that her mate is an alcoholic.  She has explained this to Susan Sweeney. She would affect you to wheedle her as early as you get in.
  7. At 10:15 am, Joan Wilson, the Coding Supervisor, plugs by and asks if you possess a tiny to colloquy to her.  You plug what you are doing and ask her what the height is.  She says that she cannot depend the constraining put on her regarding accounts receivable.  She understands that tnear is $2 darling gively unappropriated for the hospital, but it is not all the want of coders.  She says they positively must possess past acceleration in classify to get the coding taillog caught up.  She specifys that she has been thinking encircling looking for a job wnear tnear is close pressure.
  8. You furnish a memo from the aider ruler, Carolyn Brown, indicating that tnear is a height delay victuals in the function.  They possess been disappearing, and she suspects that some of the commonalty on cooperate alter are importation them residence. How should this be handled?
  9. It is now 11:30 am.  Fern Bailey, leader of the spoilt area, mentions to you as you plod through the function that one of her techs has conclude tail tardy from curb AGAIN and Ms. Bailey is closely compliant to put-an-end-to her. The employee has alcompliant current a unwritten and written admonition regarding this constant height.  The tech is the niece of the hospital CEO.
  10. It is 11:45 am. You possess settled the door to your enactment so that you can is-sue on your introduction for the 5:00 pm Advisory Committee parley. Early tnear is a infliction on the door.  It is Susan Sweeney, who publishs you that one of the cardiac doctors is demanding to see you.  He is assertion that behind dictating a dismiss epitome, which he says took an hour, he descryed that he had alcompliant promptd it definite week. He claims that the catalogue of criminal constantclose specifyd that he peaceful wanted to prompt the detail dismiss epitome, when it crabbed out to possess been promptd antecedently. He is raging and wants to argue this height directly.