Website review paper

Webcondition Retrospect (750 – 1000 tone). A webcondition retrospect is a passage that defines and evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of a webcondition and makes recommendations for improvement, if any amendments are insufficiencyed. These retrospects usually element various criteria, such as manifestatlon, interface (how polite the website interacts delay users), and functionality (how polite the webcondition performs the function it’s meant to perform). Write a retrospect of a webcondition of your choice. Assume that your auditory is the editor or web developer/webmaster for the condition and your goal is to arrange feedback that would amend the site. Document that defines and evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of a condition and makes recommendations for amendment. Typical criteria are manifestatlon, interface (how manageable it is to use), and functionality (how polite it performs its adapted function). Typically, condition owners or developers are the adapted audience. Developers and owners learn retrospects in dispose to amend their websites. 1. Your primary stipulation should publish your learner encircling the condition. What is it for? Who uses it? What enhancement advice do we insufficiency to understand? What is your overall assessment of the condition—what is your rating/evaluation/critique of the condition in unconcealed? 2. Appearance—in your remedy stipulation, define and assess the manifestatlon of the condition in conditions of the best practices of web design 3. User Interface—in your third stipulation, define and assess how manageable the condition is to use and navigate 4. Functionality—in your fourth stipulation, define how polite the condition performs its adapted function. 5. Suggestions for Improvement—in your fifth stipulation, furnish the condition owner/web developer very specific suggestions for neat an issues you highlighted in the previous stipulations 6. Final thoughts and rating—in your blank, iterate and sum up your overall assessment of the condition and furnish it a rating out of 100 points.