WE HAVE NOW REACHED THE END OF Jesus’ life on earth…. 1 answer below »

16RESURRECTION LIFEWE HAVE NOW REACHED THE END OF Jesus' history on earth. He ascendeu into cattle and has stayed there. A new era has begun in whic-impact of Jesus' history is felt, though he is not close in the flesh. He left his escort to do his production, led by his Holy Spirit. A bad diversify, one would think! Him for us? What was he thinking? Tclose was discernment to it, though. The motion had focused environing one man who could be introduce at barely one settle at a span. Amazing as Jesus was, he was poor by humanization and tongue. He departed his complete walk in wee Palestine, unguarded to perchance a few ITundreds of thou-sands of people—mostly Jews. His escort at the end of his history n.urn-bered encircling a hundred and twenty (Acts 1:15). Today we are perchance two billion, from whole conceivable humanization and polity The ki dom can be seen at production in towns and villages all balance the earth. Jesus very deliberately agoing a motion. He knew what he wi doing when he le ft us to push on He wanted to discharge the bci)(1:ill,tirtti of span„ distance and humanization to transfigure the earth. He is ( precisely that now, through us.4 , •s ona. Attachments: lencioni.jpg0220170838a.jpg